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Best Place to See the Northern Lights

Getting to photograph the Northern Lights has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. There’s something truly magical about it and seeing photos of them always puts me in a dreamy mood. It’s definitely been on our bucket list, and I’m sure is on a lot of yours, too. Am I right?

Take Northern Lights Photos with Hurtigruten Cruise.Pin

I just learned that NASA predicts that 2014/2015 will be the peak of the 11 year cycle, and the Northern Lights are going to put on an amazing show this winter. The closer you are to the magnetic poles the better the show. Tromsø, Norway is situated in the middle of the Magnetic North Pole, and if you travel along the Hurtigruten route, you can get the full Northern Lights and Arctic experience.

Where to See Northern Lights via a Hurtigruten Cruise.PinAnyone else feel a sense of urgency to start planning and booking a trip now?

They have special winter offers and a flexible pricing system where the price depends on how many people are booking. If you start early, you can get really great fares. Some friends of ours were able to travel to Norway on a great price a couple months ago, and after seeing their photos, I was struck with wanderlust. They also have dog sled adventures through a beautiful, frozen landscape, which also happens to be on our bucket list. Not to mention we want to see the Fjords!

Dog Sledding Norway // Hurtigruten Cruise.Pin
Where to See Northern Lights via a Hurtigruten Cruise.Pin
I’m thinking this year might be the year to check it off! As we go through our bucket list, we realize that there are so many things that we could lose the chance to see within our lifetime. As nature shifts, we lose opportunities to see some of the most beautiful sites and events around the world. This really gets us thinking, and hopefully we’ll be able to rearrange our budget make this happen soon. Maybe Jacob will take me for my birthday in February! ;) Does anyone want to come with us?

Hurtigruten voyages are for those who appreciate unique travel experiences and are some of the best coastal voyages to see the Northern lights. You can learn more about the Northern Lights and your Hurtigruten adventure here.

This post is partnered with Hurtigruten Cruises. Woot! And it’s also our first linqia campaign, so I’m a little nervous about it, but I hope we did a good job! :)

Is seeing the Northern Lights on your bucket list?
What’s something you plan on checking off your list next?

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