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25 Essential Outdoorsy Gifts for Her { Your Gift Guide for Women Who Love the Outdoors }

Looking for a gift for your outdoorsy friend? Here are outdoorsy gifts for her!

Over the years, I’ve gotten a chance to try a lot of gear. Since REI has such a great return policy, I never feel shy about buying new gear to test outdoors.

I had fun putting this list together, especially since I use most of these already and am constantly telling my friends to try them too (BUT there are a couple on my wishlist too). Here’s a gift guide for that kickass woman in your life!

25 Outdoorsy Gifts for Her { Your Essential Gift Guide for Women Who Love the Outdoors } // Local Adventurer + REI Gift Ideas

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Last Updated: October 17, 2023

25 Essential Outdoorsy Gifts for Her { Your Gift Guide For Women Who Love the Outdoors }

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1. Patagonia Tres 3-In-1 Down Parka 💰💰💰💰💰 →

This versatile jacket can be worn three ways. You can put everything on to stay warm and waterproof, just use the waterproof layer alone, or just use the down layer alone. We both got them when we lived in NYC and absolutely love them.

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2. REI Co-OP MAGMA 17 Sleeping Bag 💰💰💰💰💰 →

I had the older version of this sleeping bag. It’s comfortable and super light. I try to shave off every ounce on everything I carry, and if you’ve gone backpacking before, you know why.

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3. Osprey Auro Backpack 💰💰💰💰💰 →

I love my Osprey packs for backpacking. Since I’m petite, the youth backpack works better for me, but if I had a taller, more womanly frame, the Aura is the one I would be using.

4. Arc’teryx Cerium LT Down Hoodie 💰💰💰💰💰 →

If you’re looking for a seriously warm jacket, this is a great insulating layer. I wore this hiking during the winter in Patagonia, and it kept me really warm.

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5. Ombraz Sunglasses 💰💰💰💰 →

These Ombraz sunglasses are perfect for adventurers. Rather than traditional arms, they use an adjustable nylon strap so they stay secure to your face. Plus when you’re not wearing them, they can easily hang around your neck.

6. Danner Mountain 600 💰💰💰💰 →

I loooove these hiking boots! There hasn’t been another hiking boot so far that has fit me so well and kept me dry on hikes in the wet and rainy PNW.

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7. REI Co-OP Flash Carbon Trekking Poles 💰💰💰💰 →

Any serious outdoorswoman can use a great pair of trekking poles for all her adventures. I got these for our Patagonia trip, and they always are so helpful when you’re carrying a heavy load.

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8. Arc’teryx Rain Jacket 💰💰💰💰 →

You never know when it’s going to rain (especially if you live or are visiting the PNW). I love having this jacket handy in my backpack because it’s lightweight and packs up small.

9. Arc’teryx Fleece Jacket 💰💰💰💰 →

I’ve never owned a performance fleece like this! Some days I wore just this over a tank top while hiking during the winter in Patagonia. I was surprised by how well it worked.

10. Climbing Shoes 💰💰💰💰 →

If you’re trying to buy a gift for a climber, see what their favorite pair of shoes are (or one they’ve wanted to try) and get them a new pair. I absolutely love my Scarpas and have multiple pairs. I would gladly take another to add to the collection.

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11. REI Co-Op Flash Pack 💰💰💰 →

This is an awesome light day pack that helps you hit the trail anytime or have a day out in the city. We also have the Flash 22 when we want to carry more gear.

12. Kammock Roo Hammock 💰💰💰 →

hammock is a perfect companion for camping and hiking and it comes in many colors. You can also get this one that can be used as a tent as well.

13. Pop FLex Yoga Mat 💰💰💰 →

Since we have no carpet, a yoga mat has been perfect for stretching and exercises. We got a Cloud Cushion Yoga Mat from PopFlex and it’s soooo comfortable. You can even get a set that comes with yoga blocks. Here’s a photo of Jacob stealing mine.


14. Hiker Tights 💰💰💰 →

These tights are perfect for the outdoors! The material performs well and the zippered pocket helps ensure you don’t lose your valuables. I can’t wear tights that don’t have pockets anymore.

15. Versatile Travel Pants 💰💰💰 →

Since we travel and do a mix of urban and outdoor adventures, I love versatile travel pants. Here is a list of my favorite ones.

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16. Travel Pouch Set 💰💰 →

Keep everything organized in these cute travel pouches.

17. Convertible Mittens 💰💰 →

My hands always get cold but I also need to be able to shoot photos and use my phone. There are touchscreen gloves but they never work that well for me so I like these convertible mittens.

18. Hydro Flask Water Bottle 💰💰 →

I love the wide-mouth trail series version of the Hydro Flask. It’s easier to drink out of and clean but still keeps your cold drinks colder and hot drinks hotter for longer. Plus it’s lighter than the others.

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19. Sweet Turns Lexington Hat 💰💰 →

This gift is perfect for keeping warm and cute for photos.

20. REI Co-op Lightweight Base Layer Tights 💰💰 →

I always get cold so I love having base layers to give me extra warmth.

21. Ponytail Hat 💰💰 →

I recently just got this hat and I love the ponytail feature. Plus the drop-down fleece is perfect for keeping my ears and neck warm when it’s cold and windy.

22. Balega Socks 💰 →

I love having a variety of fun socks, but these days I also look for performance too. These are perfect for women who are active.

23. Petzl Headlamp 💰 →

I like keeping a headlamp in my different bags. You never know when you will need them, and it’s better to be prepared.

24. Friction Labs Liquid Chalk 💰 →

I just started using liquid chalk as a base before I climb and I love it! I sweat a lot so it helps keep it dry longer. If you know someone who loves climbing, this is something they can always use.

25. Metolius Chalk 💰 →

I only use the liquid chalk as a base. Most of the time, I still use regular chalk and need an endless supply.

BONUS: Gift Card →

If you’re shopping for a picky friend/loved one or they just seem to have everything, go practical and get them a gift card! I always prefer them over getting something I don’t need.

Which of these would you want most? What are you buying your outdoorsy friends this year?

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