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25 Best Gifts for Globetrotters Gift Guide

We all have friends (or are the friends) that are constantly hopping on a plane to a new destination. Whether you decide to treat yo’self or are looking to get a gift, we’ve put together a list of perfect gifts for globetrotters (ranging from $7 to $1000 depending on how much you want to spend).

25 Best Gifts for Globetrotters //

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Last Updated: October 19, 2022

25 Best Travel Gift Ideas for the Globetrotter

This has been the best travel investment we’ve ever made! While our friend was stuck in a 2-hour customs line returning to the US, we were through in 10 minutes. I’m also always torn talking about this. I love sharing about it because it’s been so amazing for us, but I also know that more people getting it means more people in the Global Entry line. Maybe they’ll add more global entry lines?

For anyone traveling solo, the Pivo Auto Tracking Tripod is perfect to get the shots you need. It’s able to track your movement and follow you while shooting video. Plus, it has a bunch of other fun features.

There’s something really satisfying about scratch-offs. This extra-large scratch-off map helps you keep track of what countries you’ve been to.

Original Scratch World Map (25 Best Gifts for Globetrotters) //

When we used to travel with a single converter, we would always fight over who’s turn it was to charge. 😂  With the Bestek, you get a converter with all the plug types and power strip in one, and we can keep our phones, cameras, and computers all charged.

A packtowl is always a good idea for anyone on the go. They dry quickly and are perfect for travel or outdoor adventures. If you’re looking for something even more compact, check out these Lightload Towels we just discovered.

I never used to travel with one thinking there will always be one handy for me, but I’ve learned over time that it’s always good to be prepared. I love this compact hair dryer because it doesn’t take up extra space but still works well. This is what it looks like next to my iPhone (not plus).

Travel Hair Dryer (25 Best Gifts for Globetrotters) //

We’ve had these for years and they are perfect for any jetsetter. We’re able to bring our essential toiletries without having to worry about going over the TSA limit or it leaking.

This is such a great, practical gift that makes traveling easier (and creates less waste).

This one was a bit of a splurge for me, but I love how much I can put in this thing. I know it’s mainly made for makeup and toiletries, but I even put my bras, underwear, and jewelry in here!

Tumi Toiletry Bag (25 Best Gifts for Globetrotters) // localadventurer.comPin
Tumi Toiletry Bag (25 Best Gifts for Globetrotters) // localadventurer.comPin

For book lovers, a Kindle is a great way to carry hundreds of books wherever they roam. Yes, we get that they’re not the same feel as getting to turn the pages, but it’s really hard to beat how much more lightweight and compact it is. Plus, if you download Libby, you can check out free kindle books from your library.

Most of us are shooting a bunch of photos and videos while traveling and we need a way to back up the files. An SSD External Hard Drive is the perfect companion because they’re small and durable.

The folks at Peak Design have done it again. They created an entire ecosystem for your phone. Peak Design Mobile has accessories for all aspects of your life. We’re especially stoked about the tripod!

We always do our best to learn the basics of any place we’re visiting, but if you want to help your traveling friend step up their game, Rosetta Stone is the perfect way to learn. I’ve taught myself Italian and now I just need a language buddy!

There’s something special about physical photos now that everything is digital. The Instax is nice and small and easy to use.

This is a beautiful leather luggage tag that you can get customized for a more personal touch.

We’re all about packing light. We typically never check anything in, which means finding the right carry-on suitcase is very important. We recently picked up this Samsonite carry on luggage that is lightweight and has built-in organization. I also got this smaller one for myself.

I previously used the Samsonite. We had been looking for the perfect 17 in a carry-on for me, and last year a friend of mine gifted one to me that she found while traveling in Europe. They don’t make them like that anymore, and if I ever come across one in the US, you will know!

samsonite carry on luggagePin
samsonite carry on hard shellPin

This is for your friends who love to shop when they travel or can’t seem to leave home without taking everything but the kitchen sink. Help them make sure they don’t get stuck with overage charges by gifting them this compact luggage scale.

We love our packing cubes. These are really practical gifts to help your globetrotter friend pack lighter and be more organized. Plus they have a clean and dirty side.

This one is for the photographer who likes to go on adventures. The WANDRD PRVKE Bag is our go to for traveling. We’re able to pack all the camera gear we need, some of our personal items, and our laptop. They came out with a smaller version too!

Wandrd Prvke + 15 Best Travel Backpacks You Need to Check OutPin

Keep your phone charged with this portable charger. Also since there are two ports, we can both charge without fighting over it. Check out this one if you need a more rugged one that’s waterproof, drop proof, and crush proof.

A trip is a perfect opportunity for someone to get into photography. Coming from photography backgrounds, we like to try out and use a lot of different gear. Our favorite point and shoots are the Canon G7X and Sony Rx100 (for slow-mo video). Our current favorite setup is our Canon Mirrorless with our 24-70mm.

We have a couple go-to bottles depending on what we’re doing. These are the best to keep liquids hot or cold, while this one is best for traveling light.

Pink Hydro Flask + 25 Greatest Useful Gifts for TravelersPin

We finally added a drone to our camera gear a couple years ago and love it. Just be sure you’re flying responsibly!

You never know what your water situation is going to be like when you’re traveling the world, but one thing is always for sure, you need to stay hydrated. The LARQ Water Bottle uses UV-C light to clean your water and your bottle!

We’ve been discovering a lot of new travel-friendly clothes lately! Clothes that function well, makes us look good, and serve more than one purpose. Check out the rest of our travel-friendly recommendations.

fig dress + best travel dressesPin
rec room dress + best travel dresses for summerPin

Which of these travel gift ideas would you most likely use? 

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