The Abandoned Mushroom House & Blacks Beach San Diego

The Abandoned Mushroom House & Blacks Beach San Diego

We love discovering hidden secrets wherever we live. San Diego has been full of them, including a secret sea cave and dangerous surf trail named after a trail in Vietnam. While hiking the Ho Chi Minh Trail, we discovered yet another San Diego secret: the Mushroom House.

Mushroom House La Jolla San Diego.
Blacks Beach San Diego California USA.Blacks Beach La Jolla San Diego.
Mushroom Beach // Blacks Beach San Diego.

Hidden away at the bottom of the cliffs at Blacks Beach is a unique building shaped like a mushroom. Built in 1968, it was originally called the Pavilion and could be accessed from the cliffs above via a nearly vertical tramway running almost 300 feet down the cliff. It was used as a guest house and was designed by architect Dal Nagle to withstand naturally occurring rock slides, earthquakes, and waves. It offers an 180-degree view from Torrey Pines State Park to La Jolla.

Blacks Beach Photos // La Jolla San Diego California
Blacks Beach San Diego.
Blacks Beach San Diego California USA.
Blacks Beach San Diego California USA.
Abandoned Mushroom House hidden away on the cliffs of Blacks Beach.

It was last said that the house was owned by UCSD to be used as a place where professors and administrators could take a sabbatical, but it looks mostly empty now. It is private property so you can’t enter the house, but we enjoyed taking photos and relaxing on the beach.

Blacks Beach San Diego.

If you’ve explored the beaches in San Diego, you’ll know that Blacks Beach is also known as the nude beach in San Diego. If you want to hang with the nudes, they’re usually at the north end of the beach. Don’t forget to grab directions to the Mushroom House here and check out our ultimate bucket list of 101 things to do in San Diego!

Have you checked out any abandoned or hidden spots near you? Which ones?

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  1. It was part of the property above it, a very nice but relatively modest house) which is on the highway. It was owned by the Bell family (Mr. Bell was the heir to the General Mills fortune). I think at the time (1970’s) these properties were in possession of one owner, Mr. Bell. I have stayed in the mushroom house, but the interior is nothing to shout about….

  2. I went to high school with a gal who’s dad bought it in the 80s and it then went to another LJHS fam after that. I’ve got a couple old pics of us inside it…..

  3. That is a very cool house I do not why it’s not being used just sitting empty I would love see it and make an offer to purchase it I could see it rented out it would pay for itself it in no time at all

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