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Writing Down Goals for April

These were some of last month’s instagrams:

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If you want to follow along daily, follow esther’s & jacob. It was really kind of awesome how we got to participate in the Life Cube burn by writing down our goals to later watch them burn and be released into the air. The act of writing down goals really does help me achieve them. Once it’s written on paper (or online for everyone to see), I’m committing myself to it. It’s no longer just an idea floating around in my head. Although the other important part that I often forget is to check back to make sure I’m on track.

Writing down goals | Last month's blog highlights.

Writing down goals | Last month's goals.

  1. Set aside one hour everyday to do something creative. Started off really good the first week and went downhill from there. I did get in some really cool projects like light painting and dusted off my oil paints for the first time (see my wall-e painting?). Setting up a daily habit is really difficult!
  2. Bake two new recipes. I made stout brownies, which was a fail. Then I made nutella pie, which is technically no-bake, but I’m counting it because the point of my baking goal was to use my kitchen aid mixer more often!
  3. Workout 3x a week. I skipped two workouts, but managed the rest! I need it to be more fun!
  4. Fill gratitude jar with four strips. Done.
  5. Join a meetup and attend at least once. Done. I went to a blogger and wordpress meetup in Vegas.
  6. Go on six dates. Done. Since we put this one on the back burner last month, we made sure to prioritize this one.
  7. Finalize Project 333. I pretty much have it finalized, but I need to blog about it, and I wanted to sketch my outfits, which is why I have been putting this off. *sigh
  8. Work on a new pinterest project. Hmm. Maybe I need to stop pinning if I never plan on doing any of these projects.
  9. Snowboard on the west coast. Finally, checking this one off the bucket list!
  10. Instagram everyday for #100HappyDays. So far so good! I’m on Day 40 today. Who else wants to join?
  11. Take a calligraphy class. I started taking a calligraphy class on skillshare and have only watched the intro and materials you need. None of the local craft stores carried the japanese calligraphy nibs that she uses, soooooo I’m still needing to get that.

Writing down goals | This month's goals | Weekly Wishes.

  1. Try the Couch to 5k running plan.
  2. Don’t drink diet coke for a month.
  3. Read a new book this month. Perhaps this one or this one so I can improve my blog at the same time!
  4. Go on four dates.
  5. Fill gratitude jar with 4 strips.
  6. Bake one recipe.
  7. One pinterest project. Which one should I try?

Does anyone want to try any of these with me? Teamwork always helps! :)

Every month I’ve been doing monthly goals. You can see how we’re doing on our 14 in 2014 resolutions or check out some of my previous weekly wishes and monthly goals by clicking the banner below:

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  1. Cheryn Bloom

    I’m sure you’ll do well with the couch to 5km if you work out 3 x a week! I’ve just signed up for a 10km run so need to get training too! Good luck with all your goals! Visiting from the Weekly Wishes link up (first week!) :-)

    1. esther julee

      Thanks for stopping by! :) So far it’s not too bad. I actually HATE running though. I can do any other form of working out.. but I just don’t know what it is about running that I hate so much. :) I guess I never quite got a runner’s high… yet? Best of luck on the 10k! :) And welcome to WW! :)

  2. shoutingchow

    Super excited about you not drinking diet coke for a week. You should start drinking tea. It’s better for you :) Dude you have so many projects on your pinterest. Haha at least you’re just choosing one so that’s feasible!

    1. esther julee

      HAHA for a month!! I’m dying. I bought some barley tea.. so that’s been helping me.. and thanks for leaving some lemonade for me. I just don’t like water. :(

      I thought it was feasible too.. except I didn’t do it last month.. oops. Do one with me!!

      1. shoutingchow

        lol you sound just like patricia! she doesn’t like water and it sounds like her daughter doesn’t like water neither … haha … yay! well barley tea and lemonade should help.

        hmmm this month is kinda hard since i’m not here! maybe next month? i like the lace scarf except i don’t have a sewing machine. maybe you should do that one since you own a sewing machine right?

  3. Bee

    I could literally use those goals as my own! I’m five weeks into the c25k plan and loving it!! Good luck!!

    1. esther julee

      Thank you! I am still hating running at the moment, but I’ve never been a fan. Do you think it gets easier as time passes?

  4. Chantel Klassen

    I’m starting my 5K training this week, I’m so out of shape I’m already sore from yesterday’s workout. Haha, sad times.
    I’m really interested in that Calligraphy class on Skillshare but I have the same problem, there aren’t any good places to get the supplies from here.
    Love your goals for the month!

    1. esther julee

      Thanks!! What are you doing for your 5k training? I started my first day of the couchto5k. I just really do not like running. I looked up some places that sold it online, but I’ve never ordered anything from the site, so I’m a bit reluctant. Maybe I need to just suck it up and do it!

      1. Chantel Klassen

        I’ve downloaded the couch to 5K free app but haven’t used it yet. Right now I’m starting at jogging for 5 minutes and then increasing it by a minute each week. I’m hoping to run 3-4x a week but we’ll have to see . . .

  5. Melissa Crane

    Okay, high time I start a list and keep up with it. I keep letting “being a mom” get in the way of things. I love the community of goal setting bloggers that you posted! I think I’ll look into that to help me stay motivated.

    Good luck with the diet coke thing! I’ll be rootin’ for ya!

    I’ll join you on the baking thing this month, as soon as our kitchen is done being renovated!

    1. esther julee

      get on it!! :) I miss being able to share our lists. weekly has been a bit hard for me bc I realized that I might have been spending waaay too much time making my to-do list, but I really like monthly! :)

  6. Tracy Wong

    This is a great list! I’ve tried setting weekly goals and it gets tough to follow through regularly. My new project starting this month: #happy100days. Thanks for inspiring me to get that going :)

    Love the shots you’ve shared here… definitely looking you both up on instagram!

    1. esther julee

      Thank you, Tracy! :) I’m so glad you decided to join too! I’ve realized that it is more challenging than I thought, but it’s good bc it helps me shift my focus on finding the good things rather than dwelling on the bad ones.

      1. Tracy Wong

        Yeah, I agree. I’ve only just started but it definitely makes me stop and appreciate the little good things each day.

  7. Britt @ One&20

    Ooooh. I need to make myself a gratitude jar! That’s going to be my next addition to my meditation station!

  8. Erika

    I love the way you organize your goals! LOOOOOVE!

    It looks like March was a really good month for you! And those pictures are just incredible!!!!

    Anyway, good luck with April’s goals! And both of those books look interesting! I’ve had The Happiness Project on my list (well, the one in my mind) for a long, long time but I never get around to it! And then the other one just sounds helpful! I definitely want to up my blogging education, for sure!

    1. esther julee

      I don’t know why but I kept looking at the ones I didn’t do.. so I kept thinking I was doing so bad this month. I was hard on myself bc I usually only have one that I might not get done. I had to take a step back and look at the ones I checked off this month. I guess you are right. It wasn’t a bad month.

      Thanks girl. :) I think I might have copied yours! I really liked how you broke up your goals. Mine used to be one big chunk of writing at the end. Let me know if you read either. I could use a reading partner :P

  9. mariahelena

    I’ve been trying to stop drinking diet coke several times, but I always start back up again. Hope you are stronger than me :) PS. love the instagram photos.

    1. esther julee

      Thanks @marelden:disqus. It’s a serious addiction! I don’t know how to stop. :) I’ve done it successfully for a few weeks in the past and I do actually feel better afterwards.. but the first few days are so painful. Well, right now.. all I can pretty much think about is having a diet coke. haha :) Have you tried to cut down and give yourself a limit.. like 1 or 2 a day?

  10. carly

    I love this idea! I attempted to do yearly goals, but three months in and I’ve lost interest in a few of them already, so monthly seems like a much better idea! I’m also thinking of trying out the C25k running plan! I love all your pinterest DIYs! The magazine strip one looks like such a cool idea! Hope your week is off to a good start :)

    1. esther julee

      I think I’m the same way, so I always have to modify them along the way if they are no longer applicable to me. :) My mind is so fickle! You should try the C25K plan. It seems easy enough since you start small. Let me know if you end up making any of the pinterest projects. I know I love pinning them.. but I haven’t gotten around to doing much of them. Hope you have a great week & thanks so much for stopping by! :)

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