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11 Monthly Goals for March | Creative Month

Since the past two months was full of travel and transitions, we weren’t as ambitious with our monthly goals. We’re picking up the slack and going full force this month though! I really want the focus in March to be…


whether it’s dusting off my old paint brushes to start painting again, or drawing, or free writing, or a diy project on my “i can make that!” pinterest board. I might even use this time to decorate the new apartment. Or perhaps even play around more with light painting like the photo below:

This is my monthly goals list for march. I'm participating every month with weekly wishes, a community of goal setters. See if I achieve my monthly goals here!Pin

Too ambitious? Probably. I know I’m supposed to set SMART (which includes realistic) goals here, but I’m going to use this month to see where my limit is. :) Who knows! I might be able to handle much more than I think.

Last month’s highlights on the blog:

How we did on February’s Monthly Goals:

I had 6 goals for February: We packed, moved, and unpacked! Woohoo! That was the big one to knock off the list last month. I tried new two baking recipes, one of which I liked. I filled my gratitude jar with 4 strips (one per week). I made my first youtube video, which will be released on Wednesday! And thanks to my friends (old and new), I had the most kickass birthday ever!

The one that got put on the backburner was dating. Oops! We managed to fit in 2 dates and one was Valentine’s. It’s okay. We will be on a rollover plan (hence the six dates)! And we’ve been spending time together here and there working on the 3-year couple journal. That’s some quality time.

What’s something creative that you want to work on this month? What else is on your list of personal goals to achieve?

You can check out some of my previous weekly and monthly goals by clicking the banner below:

monthly goals with weekly wishes.Pin

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  1. I just found your blog through a blog hop and I love it! Good luck with your monthly goals :)

  2. Erika

    Woohoo! I always love reading about your goals! You always accomplish so much and I also just love the kinds of goals you set. Good luck with your goals for March! I’m interested in seeing how “be creative for 1 hour a day” turns out! That’s a good one! Oh, and also, I am late but HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

    1. esther julee

      Yay! you’re back! Thank you! :) So far it’s been a bit challenging. I think if I bend the rules a little, I can call a lot of things being creative. :P

  3. Jessica Angeles

    I love all these goals! I’m excited to see all the wonderful things you create! Duke and I send you hugs and puppy snugs!

  4. Lisa

    I’m so happy to find you and your blog through the link-up! I love how you created the goals in an image – and a really neat light painting one at that! I hope this month is full of creativity and some fun dates for you :)

    1. esther julee

      Thank you Lisa! And thanks so much for reading and commenting. :) So good to meet u through the link up.

  5. Melinda DiOrio

    I think its good to be ambitious with goals! I just wrote a post checking in on my 2014 goals (which now seem a little over-ambitious too), but I’m still forging ahead! I look forward to your #100happydays on Instagram too!

    1. esther julee

      Did you end up modifying any of them.. or you gonna make it happen?! :) I should probably check in on my 2014 goals.. oops.. I already think a few of them won’t be complete already.

  6. somecallmecj

    Hi! Stopping by from the link-up! Your goals are absolutely awesome! In fact, I wish I would have read them before writing out mine. I love how you have a theme for the month. You really seem to be LIVING life instead of just surviving it. How wonderfully inspiring! Good luck with everything and I look forward to more from your blog!

    1. esther julee

      Hi Caroline! Thanks so much for stopping by! :) Which ones would you want to do? haha I feel like I may have bit off more than I can chew already.. but I’m glad to be in a community of bloggers who are all trying to set and achieve goals together. :)

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