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Weekend Snowboarding Trip at Park City Mountain Resort Utah

This past weekend we drove up to Park City Mountain Resort in Utah to meet up with some ATL friends to snowboard.

Snowboarding at Park City Mountain Resort Utah.Pin
Snowboarding at Park City Mountain Resort Utah.Pin
Snowboarding at Park City Mountain Resort Utah.Pin

Snowboarding at Park City Mountain Resort Utah.Pin
Photo by Young Chang

Our lodging at Park City Mountain Resort Utah.Pin
The view from our balcony. If you look really close, you can see the skiiers and snowboarders!
View from our balcony at Park City Mountain Resort Utah.Pin
This is our group photo on Park City Mountain.Pin
Snowboarding at Park City Mountain Resort Utah.Pin

All the photos were taken on an iphone5 with a Griffin waterproof case. A lot of these were on my instagram, and you can follow along on our daily adventures there. You can follow Jacob too! :) I wish I took more photos, but quite frankly I was more concerned with survival first.

These are a few reasons I’m thankful this week:

  1. Got to hang out with old friends from ATL and make some new ones!
  2. Loved the house we were staying at. It was a nice size, had a nice view, and had a hot tub!
  3. Although our butts and knees turned black and blue, Jacob and I didn’t break anything. (Hope you recover soon, Amy!)
  4. Surprisingly still remembered what little I knew from 10 years ago.
  5. Went on my first blue run! I guess I’m officially graduated from the bunny slopes.
  6. I learned to toe for the first time. I def need a lot more practice to get comfortable though.
  7. I was nervous that I would fall every time off the lift and embarrass myself, but I made it just fine!
  8. It was so nice relaxing in the hot tub and staring up at the stars after a tiring day.
  9. The drive was really pretty through Utah on the way back.
  10. Got to see snow, but ultimately came back home to enjoy warmer weather.

Have you gone before? Do you prefer skiing or snowboarding? And how did you learn?

Snowboarding is one of those things I wished I learned as a kid, because as a kid, I had no fear. I am learning slowly. Really slowly. To add to my list of fears, turns out I’m also afraid of falling and hurting myself, falling accidentally to the wrong area (ie. black diamonds), or falling off the side of the mountain and dying. Maybe eventually I’ll learn to be okay with falling, because falling is part of the learning process, right? In all areas of life. ;)

This is week 26 of practicing gratitude on my blog. You can see all my other gratitude posts by clicking on the banner:
This is week 26 or practicing gratitude.Pin

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  1. shoutingchow

    Woo hoo! Glad you made it back in one piece! The last time we went snowboarding was in Denver and I got altitude sickness :( Not fun at all. Have you gone snow tubing? That was really fun!

    1. esther julee

      Thanks!! Oh no.. I remember you telling me about that. That sucks. You must get affected by altitude a lot. Have you tried taking the altitude sickness medicine? We bought some when we went on Machu Picchu. We also had a portable oxygen tank? is that what you cal it? I’ve never gone snow tubing, but I would try it!

      1. shoutingchow

        Yea i took altitude med a couple days later and it helped but it was about time to leave by then :P dang, y’all had portable oxygen tank? that’s hardcore. i don’t think david had that when he went to machu picchu. you should try snow tubbing – lots of fun!

  2. Erika

    Wow, it looks like you guys had a great time! Love Utah. Also, I’m not the biggest fan of snowboarding (though I’ve only been once and it was more like bum-boarding as I just slid down the slope on my butt), but I did love skiing! I need to make plans to FINALLY do it again (it’s been like 10 years for me, too)! And what you said about being a kid and fearless is so true. I’m finding that getting out of your comfort zone is harder and harder the older you get!

    1. esther julee

      It was a fun time! Haha that’s how my first three trips were snowboarding.. then the more we went, the more I could actually stand on the board rather than sliding down on my butt. It took me a LONG time to get the hang of it. And I’m still pretty bad at it. I feel like as kids we were always pushing ourselves to find out limits and go beyond them.. like the sky is the limit!! but nowadays, I guess we don’t do that anymore. I wonder what we can do to push ourselves out of our comfort zones!

    2. esther julee

      also, my problem with skiing is that I kept crossing my skis and making X’s and tumbling over. If you move to Vegas, there’s a place an hour or so away.. and also this place we went was a 6 hour drive! If you guys wanna go, we’d be down to go with!

  3. Z K

    I LOVE snowboarding, and I’ve always wanted to go at it with a go-pro! Looks like such a fun time!

    1. esther julee

      @StraightUpZ:disqus when’s the last time you went? :) This was our first time in 10 years. We’ll have to look through our go-pro footage to see if any of it was good, but I’m sure it captured some good memories.. and some good wipe outs. :P

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