Best Party Beach in Mykonos – Paradise Beach Mykonos Greece

Best Party Beach in Mykonos – Paradise Beach Mykonos Greece

We couldn’t leave Mykonos without checking out at least one of their famous party beaches! Paradise Beach and Super Paradise Beach are the ones that lets you drink and dance all night and into the day. Even though we were there after the busy summer months, there was still plenty of party left. We were there in the late afternoon, and there were chugging contests. I can’t imagine how insane the parties are during the busy months.

You can get there using their public transportation, grabbing a cab, or hike there using the trail that connects the southern beaches. We hiked from Psarou to Paradise, so that we could explore multiple beaches along the way and enjoy the views from the coast.

Hike to Paradise Beach Mykonos Greece.Mykonos Greece Beaches.
Hike to Paradise Mykonos Beach.
Paradise Beach Mykonos Greece.
Paradise Beach Mykonos Greece (Best Beaches in Mykonos).

As we got closer to the beach, we could already hear the music blaring and a DJ hosting drinking games in a crowd. The crowd was much younger and there to take full advantage of the drinks, and strangely enough, tourists were there to take photos of people partying. It wasn’t quite our scene, and since we were there on a mission to do a roundup for the blog, we probably looked more like the latter anyways. :P

Paradise Beach Mykonos Greece (Best Beach in Mykonos).
Paradise Beach Mykonos Greece (Best Party Beach in Mykonos).
Mykonos Paradise Beach - Best Parties in Mykonos Greece.Best Beach in Mykonos Paradise Beach.
Paradise Beach Mykonos Greece - Best Beach in Mykonos.
Paradise Beach - Best Party Beach Mykonos Greece.

There are tons of small eateries and bars to get drinks, and you can rent a chair and umbrella. There are plenty of options for water sports if you’re looking for more excitement. We obviously couldn’t leave without doing a shot, but we hung out on the more chill side of the beach.

Paradise Beach Mykonos Greece.
Paradise Beach Mykonos Greece.
Resident Greek Cat - Best Beaches in Mykonos.
Paradise Beach Mykonos Greece.
Paradise Beach Mykonos Greece (Best Beaches in Mykonos).
Paradise Beach Mykonos Greece (The Best of the Greek Islands).
Best Beaches in Mykonos Greece.
All photos taken with a Canon 5D Mark III and 35 mm f/1.4 L lens.

Paradise Beach Address
Paradise Beach, Post Box 511, Mikonos 846 00

Unfortunately there’s not much empty beach space at Paradise Beach. Most everything is covered with chairs that you have to rent or lounges for drinks. If you’re looking for a quieter beach, visit Agios Sostis or Elia Beach.

What’s your go to drink at the beach?
Do you prefer to tan, dance, swim (or nap)?

xoxo estherJacob

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  1. The pictures are really intriguing; the beaches of Mykonos are scenic, the ambiance is perfect for party lovers. Thanks for the fantastic post.

  2. Wow seen a few of your articles about Greece now and we love them! the images capture Greece in all its beauty! keep up the good work guys!

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