Best Sunset in Oia Santorini Greece (Oia Castle)

Best Sunset in Oia Santorini Greece (Oia Castle)

It’s no secret that the best sunset views of Oia are at the Oia castle, and if there was any photo that has to be taken in Greece it’s this one! Don’t you agree?

Things to do in Santorini: Enjoy the view from the Castle at Oia Village.
Pictures of Santorini Greece.Pictures of Santorini Greece.

In fact, we went to scope out our special spot in the morning, and later ended up camping out for 5 hours just to keep it. We were huddled in a corner of a castle ruin camping out with the rest of Asia. Not that I have anything against my peeps, but I was appalled. Did every Asian newsletter mention this castle? I forgot to mention that I’m really uncomfortable in overcrowded situations to the point that I think I actually might have claustrophobia. I just tried to tell myself to stay focused on the photos, because they will be worth every discomfort. :)

Things to do in Santorini Greece - Visit the Oia Castle.
Oia Castle in Oia Santorini Greece.
Greece Oia.Oia Santorini Port.
Santorini Pictures from Oia Castle.
What to do in Santorini Greece: See the views from the Oia Castle.
Santorini Port at Oia Santorini Greece.Santorini Pictures - Oia Village.
Best of Greece: Watch the Sunset in Oia Greece.
Best of Greece: Best Sunset in Greece at Oia Santorini Island.
What to do in Santorini: Photograph the Oia Windmill.Windmill Greece Santorini Oia.
Best of Greece: Watch the Sunset in Oia Santorini.
Best Sunset in Santorini Greece.
The best sunset in Oia Santorini Greece is at Oia Castle.
The best sunset in Oia Santorini Greece is at Oia Castle.
Best Sunset in Santorini at Oia Castle.

It was all worth it. It’s a shame though that sometimes the weather does not cooperate, and right before the sky could get fiery, the clouds covered up the sun. Guess that means we’ll have to go back!

Pro Tips for Sunset Photos in Oia Santorini Greece:

  • Pick up some wine / beverage of choice and snacks and have a picnic while you wait.
  • Come at least 3 hours early to guarantee your spot for photos. It will get crowded.
  • Lenses to bring: I used a 35mm/1.4L and a 70-200mm/2.8L on a full frame camera.
  • Night time photos: I brought this tripod, tripod head, and this trigger. So far I’m really happy with my setup, though I’ve been thinking of getting wireless trigger, but I’ve also heard so many bad reviews that it doesn’t work half the time.

What is the best sunset you’ve seen?
When’s the last time you camped out for something?

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