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What to Pack for Greece // 10 days in a Carry On

Before I share our photos from our Greece trip, I wanted to start off with a post on what to pack for Greece. We’re always trying to figure out ways to pack lighter. After this trip with our friend who is constantly traveling to remote parts of the world for work, we hope to eventually pack everything in a 17″ carry-on like her. Her packing is ridiculously impressive. For now, we both have a normal 21.5″ size carry on, but we left plenty of space for gifts to carry back home. Maybe we’ll try packing in one next time. :)

What to Pack for Greece // 10 days in a Carry On.Pin


Tops / Outerwear

1. Mustard Yellow Sleeveless V-neck Blouse
2. Sleeveless Lace Gray Utility Top (similar)
3. Navy Striped Sleeveless Blouse (similar)
4. Balloon Chiffon Tank Top
5. Sevenly Black Racerback ($7 of your purchase goes to a new cause each week!)
6. Chambray Shirt (similar)
7. Patagonia nano-puff jacket


8. Two-toned black harem pants
9. White Legging Pants
10. Gray legging jeans
11. Semi sheer white maxi skirt with double slits (similar)


12. Emerald Zip Neckline Dress (similar)
13. Navy Confetti Dress (similar)
14. Grey maxi tube dress (similar)

Shoes & Accessories

15. Swim Suit 1 top and 2 bottoms
16. Sunglasses (borrowed from a friend. I’m still trying to find the perfect sunnies.)
17. Wide Brim Black Hat (similar)
18. Multi-pocket Canvas Tote
19. Sanuk yoga spree thong sandals
20. Black Running Shoes / Sneakers
21. Wedge sandals (similar)

Not pictured

22. Pajamas
23. Bras (5)
24. Underwear (11, 1 for every day plus one extra)
25. Socks (5)
26. Toiletries / Beauty Bag (will post on this later)
27. Kindle
28. Converter
29. Phone & Portable USB Phone Charger
30. Camera Body + 3 Lenses (35mm/1.4L, 16-35mm/2.8L, and 70-200mm/2.8L)

Day 1 Travel Day to Athens & Day 2 Exploring Athens

What to Pack for Greece // How to pack 10 days in a carry on.Pin
What to Pack for Greece // How to pack 10 days in a carry on.Pin

Day 3 Full Day Trip Exploring Delphi

Packing for Greece // Travel Packing List.Pin

Day 4 Exploring the Athens Marketplace and ruins. Second outfit for our nice dinner of the trip.

What to Pack for Greece // How to pack 10 days in a carry on.Pin
Packing List for Europe // What to Pack for Greece 10 Days in a Carry On.Pin

Day 5 Transfering to and exploring Mykonos & Day 6 Exploring Mykonos and Mykonos Beaches

Packing List for Greece // How to pack 10 days in a carry on.Pin
Packing list for Europe in Fall // What to Pack for Greece.Pin

Day 7 Relax until Afternoon Ferry to Santorini & Day 8 Explore Fira

What to Pack for Greece // Greece Vacation Packing List.Pin
Packing for Greece // Packing List for Vacation in Europe in Fall.Pin

Day 9 Explore Oia

What to Pack for Greece in September // Trip Packing List.Pin

Day 10 Travel Home

10 Days in a Carry On Packing List for Vacation // Greece Packing List.Pin
Packing List for Europe in September// What to Pack for Greece.Pin

 lessons I’ve learned in hindsight (because we all make mistakes along the way)

  • Even though we checked the weather beforehand, going to Greece in late September meant it was moderately hot in Athens and Mykonos but windy and chilly in Santorini. Pack layers and get plenty of beach time in Mykonos because Santorini was too cold for a swim.
  • The outfit choices were perfect for this trip, but I wish I did some rearranging. For example, switching days 6 and 8 outfits had I known that donkey riding is very popular in Fira.
  • Do not wear sandals if you go down to the Port in Fira unless you take the cable car. You will be stepping on tons of donkey poo on the way down. My flip-flops are RIP in Greece. Good thing I have replacement sanuks (I always buy extra of something I love).
  • We also brought the 50mm/1.2L lens but didn’t use it at all, so I didn’t include it in my packing list
  • We also brought our waterproof phone case but didn’t end up using it because we didn’t snorkel at all. I would recommend bringing it if you plan on snorkeling/diving during your trip.

How do you pack for international trips?

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