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Delphi Greece – A Day Trip from Athens

To break up our time in Athens, we went to Delphi Greece, one of the most popular day trips from Athens.

After meeting the bus and stopping by a few hotels to pick up other tourists, we made the journey to Delphi. The drive takes 2-3 hours, and since we were in a full bus, we made a stop on the way for a bathroom break and on the way back for a late lunch included in the tour.

In ancient times, Delphi was considered the center of the known world. It was where heaven and earth met and the center of worship for the God Apollo. There’s a lot of rich history behind this city that you can find with a quick google search. The city sits on the side of a mountain and has a truly spectacular view. As we climbed to each section, we would get better and better views.

Delphi Greece Map.Pin


1. Roman Agora

Roman Agora - Delphi Greece Tourist Attractions.Pin
Delphi Greece Destinations.PinRoman Agora - Delphi Ancient Greece.Pin

2. Treasury of the Sikyonians

Delphi Greece Attractions.Pin

8. Naval Stone

Naval Stone Greece.Pin

9. Treasury of the Athenians

Treasury of the Athenians.PinThe Treasury of Athenians.Pin
The Treasury of Athenians Delphi Greece.Pin

15. Stoa of the Athenians & Polygonal Wall

Polygonal Wall Greece.Pin

17. Temple of Apollo

The Temple of Apollo Delphi.PinThe Temple of Apollo Greece.Pin
The Temple of Apollo Greece.Pin
The Temple of Apollo at Delphi Greece.Pin
The Temple of Apollo Greece.PinThe Temple of Apollo Greece.Pin
The Temple of Apollo at Delphi Greece.Pin

23. Delphi Theater

Delphi Theater.Pin
Theater at Delphi Greece.PinGreek Theater.Pin
Delphi Theater - Day Trips from Athens Greece.Pin

The map also points to a stadium even further up on the mountain. We were running out of time, but decided to haul it to make it there before we had to meet the group again. It took another 15 minutes of quick hiking to get there and if we had to do it over again, probably would have spent more time taking photos elsewhere.

The Stadium

Delphi Stadium.PinGreek Stadium - Athens Day Trips.Pin

Just a few more photos (couldn’t resist):

Treasury of Athenians.Pin
Greece Tourism.PinTemple of Apollo.Pin
Greece Destinations.Pin
Delphi Greek.PinDay Trips from Athens.Pin
Day Trips from Athens Greece.PinGreece Destinations.Pin
Delphi Greek Theater.Pin
Greece Destinations.PinGreece Tourist Attractions.Pin

Much of the ruins were hard for us to distinguish, especially all the Treasuries. We took a few quick shots then headed back down to meet the group at the Archaeological Museum of Delphi, which we’ll post about soon!

Overall the trip was okay for us. I started feeling overwhelmed since this place was packed with tourists. If we had to do it over again, we might have chosen to spend the day exploring more of Athens or even finding some hikes. But you can’t deny the rich history that is in Delphi, and it’s another UNESCO World Heritage Site checked off our bucket list!

What do you like exploring in new cities? History, food, shopping, something else?
What’s the best day trip you’ve ever done?

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