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My Monthly List of Goals [November 2014]

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween! I loved seeing everyone’s costumes. Even though we had a great couple’s costume idea this year, we opted to dress up like one of our friends for his birthday.

October was insane! There were so many local adventures and dates we scheduled since the weather was much nicer to be outdoors. I spent a weekend in SF with Hsiao & Sophia. We also backpacked the Narrows top-down for 2 days at Zion National Park. We were away from civilization and were one with nature and then pretty much the day after headed to the 3 day Life is Beautiful Festival with 90,000 people.

Last month’s highlights on instagram:

My Monthly List of Goals [November 2014]Pin

See more on our instagram (esther’s & jacob).

Last Month's Blog Highlights & Monthly List of Goals.

October's List of Goals

  1. Cull through all our Greece photos. hmm still working on the bajillion photos.
  2. Bake something new. I didn’t bake, but I poached pears for the first time. Does that count?
  3. Go on five new dates. Yes! We shot guns, flyboarded, ziplined, went to a music festival, did a staycation, and rode ATVs (post coming soon!) all in one month. Craziness.
  4. Skype with my parents every week. Missed a couple weeks bc of SF and Zion.
  5. Read 2 books. Finished Just Kids by Patti Smith and A Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes.
  6. Fill my gratitude jar with four strips. Done!
  7. Finish Unit 1 Lesson 1 of Spanish with Rosetta Stone. My computer is giving me issues running the program. So I might as well blame it on that. ;)
  8. Walk 10k steps every other day for fitbit. Missing 4 days, but I did hit my 35,000 steps milestone during the Narrows hike. I hit 25,000 on the second day. That should count for 6 days!
  9. Send out my Lovely Letters Package on Time! I was a few days late this time.

My Monthly List of Goals [November 2014]

  1. Fill my gratitude jar with four strips.
  2. Bake 2 recipes. 
  3. Go on seven new dates. 
  4. Skype with my parents every week.
  5. Do 10 Pinterest Projects. Gonna try to knock this all out this month. Wish me luck!!
  6. Walk 10k steps every other day for fitbit. 
  7. Send out my Lovely Letters Package on Time!

Now that there’s two months left until the end of the year, I am revisiting my 14 in 2014 and realizing there are obvious resolutions that won’t get done. As much as I hate to do it, I need to cut my losses and just work on the ones that will work out.

Do you make a list of goals? Do you blog them?

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My Monthly List of Goals with Weekly Wishes.Pin

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