Setting Goals for October

Last month, the biggest accomplishment is that we wrapped up filming four episodes of the FuZees. I only helped during the two days of intense shooting, but there were months of planning that went into it for Jacob and his brother. We’re both glad to finally see it all come together with the talented cast and crew. I was especially blown away by the puppeteers. There are so many little nuances that go into puppeteering. If you haven’t watched Being Elmo yet, you definitely should! Unfortunately for me, I’m terrible.

The other highlights this month is visiting the Hoover Dam with friends in town and finally seeing Maze Runner! Woohoo! Run Minho Run!! We’re currently in Greece and will be heading back to the States tomorrow with TONS of photos and stories that I cannot wait to share! :)

Last month’s highlights on instagram:

See more on our instagram (esther’s & jacob).

  1. Bake something new. Check! I made these pumpkin cupcakes.
  2. Go on four new dates. Not so good between the FuZees shoot, traveling, and just being plain lazy.
  3. Skype with my parents every week. Also a fail.
  4. Read 2 books. I finished Orange is the New Black, and I’m slowly working on the Goldfinch.
  5. Fill gratitude jar with four strips. A very reluctant 4.
  6. Schedule blog posts two weeks in advance. Well… until Greece happened.
  7. Finish Couch to 5k. I was an extra week late again, but I’m finally done!
  8. Walk 10k steps every other day for fitbit.  Yes! Thankfully there was a lot of walking in Greece that made up for all the sit-in-front-of-the-computer days at the beginning of the month.
  9. Send out my Lovely Letters Package on Time! Yes!

  1. Cull through all our Greece photos.
  2. Bake something new. 
  3. Go on five new dates. 
  4. Skype with my parents every week.
  5. Read 2 books.
  6. Fill gratitude jar with four strips.
  7. Finish Unit 1 Lesson 1 of Spanish with Rosetta Stone.
  8. Walk 10k steps every other day for fitbit
  9. Send out my Lovely Letters Package on Time!

Are you setting goals this month? Have you seen Maze Runner yet?

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