Lower Antelope Canyon Tours

Lower Antelope Canyon Tours

If you’re heading to Antelope Canyon, check out our Complete Guide and Everything You Need to Know About Antelope Canyon. This is our photo diary from the trip.

Antelope Canyon is a photographer’s playground. We explored on our own at the lower canyon slots, which is known for their color but generally less touristy. They are also less known for their light shafts. Another photographer mentioned that there is a photography tour held in the upper canyons, and the guide takes you to all the hot spots.  We will most definitely do that next time since we got a sorry-ass photo of the light shafts this time around.



Page Arizona Antelope Canyon // Local AdventurerPage Arizona Antelope Canyon // Local Adventurer
Lower Antelope Canyon Page Arizona // Local AdventurerAntelope Canyon Photography, Page, Arizona, USA // localadventurer.com
Antelope Arizona Slot Canyons // Local Adventurer Page Arizona Antelope Canyon [ Photo Diary ] // localadventurer.com
Lower Antelope Canyon Arizona // Local AdventurerLower Antelope Canyon Tours // Local Adventurer
Antelope Canyon Arizona Photo Diary // Local Adventurer
Lower Antelope Canyon Page AZ.
Lower Antelope Canyon Photos.
Lower Antelope Canyon Pictures.
Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours // Local Adventurer
Arizona Antelope Canyon Page.
Lower Antelope Canyon Arizona.

This was our first attempt at light shaft photos. Will have to try again in the upper canyons!

Lower Antelope Canyon Page AZ.
Lower Antelope Canyon Photography.

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Antelope Canyon Arizona Photo Diary // localadventurer.com



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