Your Guide to the Amazing Waipio Valley Hike

Getting down to the Waipi’o Valley black sand beach was quite the hike. Going down wasn’t a problem for since gravity is your friend, but going up was no joke.

The girls stopped midway and decided to try hitching a ride up the rest of the way. Lucky for us, we didn’t have to wait much longer until a truck was passing through.

Unlucky for us, after getting into the car, we realized we probably just got picked up by a serial killer. The conversation was very awkward, and he was having a conversation with himself. We were each looking for our weapon of choice in case we needed to defend ourselves. As we got closer to the top, we didn’t know if he would drop us off or keep on driving! The longest ride of our lives…

As you can see, since I lived to tell the tale, we did, in fact, get dropped off. He was not a serial killer BUT he might have been schizophrenic. Still, it makes me think twice about hitching rides with strangers.

Waipio Valley Hike

3.8 mi out and back
1020 ft elevation gain

This hike will take you to a black sand beach, waterfall, and tropical forest.

Here’s the beautiful view of Waipio Valley’s black sand beach.

The husbands finishing up their Waipio Valley hike. I guess we can only count ours as half-finished.

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