LA Food in January | ONE WEEK LEFT!

LA Food in January | ONE WEEK LEFT!

I know I promised a lot of binge eating this month, but looks like this month (and our list) was cut short because our trip to the Philippines. We just got back a couple days ago and now have a week to fit in as much good LA food before we move to Las Vegas – our next big adventure!

I’m a little sad that I didn’t get to try all the food that I’ve bookmarked on yelp within the year we’ve lived in LA, although it was always a growing list (Oops!). I guess I can’t be too sad about it, because I know we’ll be back to visit soon enough. Maybe I’ll have to have a different strategy when visiting and tackle good eats one neighborhood at a time. We take our eating very seriously. Can you tell?

Our favorite find of the month was the pie hole. LA food to try. Places to eat in la. best restaurants los angeles. eatla. food in LA. food la. la eats. los angeles best restaurants.

LA Food | Jan Eats:


  • The Pie Hole (DTLA) – the mac & cheese pie and mexican chocolate pie were so good, we had to order 2 more!


  • Ruen Pair (Los Feliz) – Ordered pad see ew to go and ate it cold, but it was still good! Can’t wait to try it there.
  • Sanamluang Cafe (East Hollywood) – Ordered pad see ew and pad kee mow. Not my fave place, but really good.


  • Road to Seoul (Harvard Heights / Koreatown) – apparently the meat and service wasn’t as good as it usually is.
  • Yellow House Cafe (Koreatown) – my eyes hurt from eating in the dark patio.
  • Pho So 1 (Van Nuys) – It was alright. Better than across the street. I still love my pho places in Atlanta.

★★   IT WAS MEH…

  • Sushi Don Sasabune (Valley Village) – For the price and what you get, I’d rather go to an actual sit down restaurant.
  • Napa Valley Grille (Westwood) – the tapas were just okay. We probably wouldn’t go back.

★   YUCK

  • N/A

Any MUST EAT Los Angeles food we’ve missed? We have 1 week left in LA! HELP!

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    1. Packing is not going… :P I think I’m def using being sick as an excuse though.. I’m a total procrastinator.

    1. Thanks so much Britt! :) It was delicious! I hope you come to LA to try it.. although I probably won’t be here anymore.

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