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Eating LA | What We Ate in May

The month of May’s list for Eating LA is much shorter in comparison to last month. We spent 10 days out of the month roadtripping and eating through different cities instead. I’m planning on blogging them later with the cities. You can actually follow our travels in real-time on instagram if you’d like.

This month has also not been a good month for food. I’ve been bummed about the food we’ve been eating in LA. Luckily, we ended the month with a lot of good food in other cities. It just makes me sad that there are so many good places to eat in LA, but we don’t seem to be making the right choices.

Starting off on a positive note, though, Republic of Pie has the most amazing banana cream pie!

Eating LA. What we ate in may. republic of pie. Eating LA.Pin

I actually did not order this. A friend did. It was just too cute not to take a picture of.

Eating LA. What we ate in May in Los Angeles. Republic of Pie. Eating LA.Pin

Photos were taken via iphone.

Also, this is something to keep in mind: When we travel to the opposite side of LA, expectations are much higher. I’m trying to be as objective as possible, but location plays a big factor on whether we want to be regulars. For example, on our list, ramen jinya might not be the best ramen we’ve ever tasted in the greater Los Angeles area, but it’s also a 10 minute drive versus an hour and a half sitting through traffic. We don’t like to drive if we can help it. You might also see that before venturing further out, we are exploring what’s closer to us in Studio City, North Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, and Burbank.

Eating LA | What We Ate in May:
Love it! I’m going to be a regular!:
Pretty good, but I want to try what else is out there:
Not going back unless you pay for my meal, and I still might be kicking and screaming:

I’m not sure if yelp is just over-saturated in LA, but a lot of the 4 stars with 100+ reviews on yelp have been disappointing. How are you navigating through yelp? I’d love to hear how you are finding your food!

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  1. Jennifer

    you might like piehole in downtown la they have this mexican chocolate pie thats pretty unique – also my friend james loves the banana cream at apple pan

    1. estherjulee

      yeah, i’ve been meaning to try that place after I saw your post on it.. and the last time we went to wurstekuche, we passed it and was reminded again! we just need to make it out to DT one of these days.

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