Smart Goal Setting: New City / New Mindset!

The move to San Diego went well! Pretty much 90% was unpacked the first day with the help of our photographer friends who live in San Diego. We met them at a photog conference and even though we’re no longer in the same industry, we’ve been able to keep in touch, and we’re so grateful for them.

I knew last month would be insane, so I only gave myself a few goals to keep. Unfortunately, the one that’s supposed to be most important (calling home once a week) didn’t get done. I’ve been feeling bummed and guilty about it. I mean.. I should really want to call my parents and not have to make this a goal! Can’t throw myself a pity party though. I just have to try harder next time.

Last month’s highlights on instagram:

See more on our instagram (esthergram & jacobgram).

Some friends from LA came into Vegas, and we saw Mariah Carey and checked it off my Vegas Bucket List! We also went on our weekly dates – a speakeasy, got ring tattoos, went to a strawberry festival, and ate lots and lots of ice cream. See all of last month’s goals here.

  1. Skype, call, email home once a week on Fri.
  2. Get 2 weeks ahead on blog posts. 
  3. Write in my Q&A Journal a day everyday at midnight.
  4. Visit 4 new beaches on our San Diego Bucket List.
  5. Go on 4 San Diego County hikes.
  6. Visit 4 new Breweries.
  7. Go on one date / week (2 Alphabet Dates).
  8. Finish 1 book. I’m STILL reading Slaughterhouse 5! :/
  9. Get to zero inbox at least once this month. 
  10. Send out my Lovely Letters Package on Time! 

Have you used the SMART goal setting method?
How was your last month? Anything new?

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