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Maximize Your Month Link Up | Personal Goal Setting

Hey there! We’d like to welcome you to the Maximize Your Month Linkup where we share our goals and motivate one another to pursue our dreams. We’d love for you to a part of our community so that we can help inspire one another to achieve our goals. Join us by adding a link to your own goals post below.

Can’t believe it’s already been over a month since we moved to San Diego. So far so good. :) It has most of the good parts of LA but with a much more chill vibe. Minus the tacos, the food in LA is still superior, but luckily it’s only a 2-3 hour drive away instead of 5 now. We’ve already gone into LA twice this month and are headed there again tomorrow!

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Last Month’s Blog Highlights

Last Month’s Goals

Besides going on all our weekly / alphabet dates and finishing two books (paper towns & girl on a train), I haven’t been doing so hot on personal goal setting and keeping up. We visited one beach (La Jolla) and did one hike (the Potato Chip Rock). I must make up the others in another month (or another life :/).

This Month’s Goals

Starting this month, instead of 9-10 goals, I want to have one specific goal or habit I’m trying to form each month. For July, I will try to drink a gallon of water every day to see if I look and feel better. I’m sure you’ve already seen this article. I’m just not convinced. If you study many before and after photos, even if they claim not to use photoshop, you can still manipulate a lot by using different lenses, lighting, and angles to get the desired results. Can’t fool me!

I usually hate drinking water. I don’t doubt that drinking more water is good for me, but I’m curious to see if the results are that visible. If there’s anything my chemistry background has taught me, it’s that if you want to find the truth about an experiment, you have to test it yourself!

Here’s my before (I swear I’m not naked. I’m wearing my comfy tube dress):

Personal Goal SettingPin

I can’t wait to see the new me in 4 weeks! :)

Mazimize Your Month Link Up #clearthelist

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Have you been drinking enough water?
Do you have any health goals this month?

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