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11 Ways to Make Every Day More Adventurous

We really believe that adventure can be found near and far. Part of why we started Local Adventurer is to encourage ourselves, and hopefully you, to go on adventures in your own backyard. It’s surprising how many undiscovered things there are in a city that we’ve lived in most our lives.

Because we’re creatures of habit, it’s easy to get into a routine and never stray from that. We hope that this blog not only inspires you to travel to other cities and abroad but also to explore all the hidden gems in your own city (and share those adventures with us so we can do some local exploring in your hood too!)


1. Make a Bucket List for Your Hometown and Start Checking Things Off

We made one for Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and we are working on putting one together for San Diego! For example, we’re hoping to do every single hike in San Diego county. Here’s our first one:

Make a City Bucket List (11 Ways to Make Every Day More Adventurous).Pin

2. Cook or Eat Something New

Whether it’s a new cuisine, a new dish, or even a new restaurant, explore your local eats! You can also subscribe to a food box from other countries to try new something new. If you’re on a eating out budget, you can even try cooking a new dish at home. This is a new recipe I learned from my mom:

 Cooking Something New (9 Ways to Make Every Day More Adventurous).PinTrying a New Korean Recipe (11 Ways to Have Everyday Adventures).Pin

3. Plan a Trip

Yes, this sounds simple enough, but sit down and set a date for an actual trip. Even if you don’t have much vacation time, you still have 52 weekends to take weekend trips or even day trips. There are plenty of National Parks and State Parks to explore. We try to take one international trip a year and then make our city and state a home base to explore year round. This is from last year’s trip to Greece:

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4. Check Out a New Concert / Show / Festival

When’s the last time you went to see a band live? I feel like as we get older, we go out less often and definitely don’t go see new bands. Find a local venue that showcases up and coming bands and check out someone new. We finally got to see Foster the People and No Doubt at Rock in Rio.

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5. Learn Something New

Think of a few things that you’ve been wanting to learn all your life, and go take classes! I’ve taken some calligraphy classes with skillshare, and now I’m curious about hand lettering. We’ve also wanted to learn how to surf or skate. Since we moved to San Diego, this might the perfect time to learn both. Also, I’m considering taking voice lessons again for fun (because why not? ;D). Never too old, right?

6. Talk to a Stranger

Adventures can come through conversation and experiences. Talk to someone new every day and not just about the weather but about what they do. If they have headphones on, you can ask them to share what they’re listening to. You may even find a new friend!

Every Person is a New Door to a Different World (11 Ways to Make Every Day More Adventurous).Pin

7. Drive Down a Random Street

We tend to just focus on getting from point A to point B, but haven’t you ever wondered what’s down road C? Take a few extra minutes and drive down a new road every week and see what you discover.

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8. Throw a Themed Party

Whether it’s for an occasion or just cause, throw a themed party! Get dressed up, do research, make it fun! We try to do this at least once a year – usually for birthdays. It’s not really about just the birthday – it’s about getting friends together and dressed up for some fun.

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9. Change Up Your Work Location

It may be easier for those of us with home offices, but even if you’re in an office, see if you can get outside to work a few hours a day! It’s amazing what a change of scenery and a little extra sunshine can do to your mood.

Change up your work location (11 Ways to Make Every Day More Adventurous).Pin

10. Play Hooky!

Don’t lie to your boss, but take a personal day and go on an adventure. Watch a midday movie, go ride a rollercoaster, or just lay out in a park. Just take time for yourself to be refreshed.

11. Subscribe to the Email List from Your City to Learn About New Events

I ended up going to North Park’s Festival of Arts this past weekend, because Jacob found out about it after subscribing to’s email list.

BONUS: Try a different style

I know it sounds simple, but changing up how you dress can make you step out of your comfort zone and be more adventurous too. Try some colorful socks (or even mismatching ones), add a crazy hat to your wardrobe, or try a different look with your makeup. :P

Try a Different Style of Clothes or Makeup (11 Ways to Make Every Day More Adventurous).Pin

What is something new you’ve been wanting to try?
What are some other ways you’re trying to add adventure to your life?

xoxo estherJacob

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