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Setting Priorities for August

I may have done a stellar job keeping up with some of my goals, but I realized in making sure I was on top of the goals that I set on the blog, I ended up sacrificing a lot of my other time I normally spend talking to my friends and family. I hate that I ended up being “too busy” to skype with my parents, or to hang out with new friends, or to serve at church. A lesson I’m having to relearn every few months.

I read a quote recently that stopped me in my tracks.

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I need to work on setting priorities. We all have the same amount of time as everyone else. The truth is, you can’t do it all (especially if you set a new goal every five minutes like me). My relationships suffered the most this month, so I am adding them to my goals list. Normally, I don’t write them out as goals because it’s a given or it then seems like an obligation, but it’s good to put it out there and be held accountable. At the end of the day, the people in my life are more important than getting an hour of piano practice in.. or reaching 10k steps on my fitbit. I need to remember that.

Last month’s highlights on instagram:

Setting Priorities for August.Pin
See more on our instagram (esther’s & jacob).

Setting Priorities for August.

Setting Priorities for August.

  1. Do ONE pinterest projectThis one just never gets done. :( Few more days left in the month!
  2. Bake something new. Yes. I made some red velvet whoopie pies, but I didn’t like the recipe I used.
  3. Go on six creative dates. We did 4. It’s so hard to get them in when you’re on the road all the time.
  4. Read 2 books. Started reading Goldfinch, but not doing great on this summer reading challenge.
  5. Fill gratitude jar with four strips. Done!
  6. Schedule blog posts one week in advance. Finally! I’ve never been able to do this before!
  7. Finish Couch to 5k. Oops. Totally didn’t realize it goes to week 9. I’m on track though!
  8. Practice one hour of piano a day. Yes. Now stumbling through page 5 of Chopin’s Ballade 4.
  9. Send out my Lovely Letters Package on Time! Woohoo! Even did it early!
  10. Start practicing calligraphy for at least 15 minutes every day. Did this while I was at home.

Setting Priorities for August.

  1. Bake something new. Anyone have a good red velvet whoopie pie recipe? I’ve tried a few and they’re just okay.
  2. Go on six creative dates. 
  3. Skype with my parents every week.
  4. Read 1 book.  Just one!
  5. Fill gratitude jar with four strips.
  6. Schedule blog posts one week in advance.
  7. Finish Couch to 5k.
  8. Walk 10k steps every other day for fitbit. 
  9. Practice half an hour of piano a day. Work on playing through page 6 of Chopin’s Ballade 4.
  10. Send out my Lovely Letters Package on Time!

How are you doing on your time management? Do you need to work on setting priorities?

Every month I’ve been doing monthly goals. See how we’re doing on our 14 in 2014 resolutions or my previous monthly goals by clicking the banner below:

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  1. #6 last month is so hard for me some times, especially when we’re on the go so much! I like #8 for this month. I used to use my UP24 to try to hit 20 every day. I was crazy.

  2. Alicia Snow

    Priorities are definitely important! But love seeing all your goals each month.

  3. Raewyn Smith

    These are awesome goals! I definitely need to do more goals and priority setting. I’m sort of a fly by the seat of my pants but hate flying by the seat of my pants type of person. LOL. Tonight’s goal? Clean our house!

    1. Thanks girl! :) I’m glad you finally participated in WW. Good luck on cleaning! It’s not my fave thing to do… so it’s always on the backburner for me.

  4. Laura

    in Mary Kay, we talk a lot about priorities and being intentional with our time. also i love the way you do a recap of this month’s blog posts!

    1. Thank you Laura! :) That’s great that you are constantly being reminded about priorities. I definitely could use more accountability in that area.

  5. Christine Mondy

    Love your Instagram pics! I really need to do a monthly goal list too because I get overwhelmed every now and then. Good luck choosing ONE pinterest project! ;)

  6. Ashley

    Love the photos and that quote! SO true. Good luck!

  7. When I was a kid, I was not allowed to use the phrase, “I didn’t have time.” My dad would tell me, “You have the same 24 hours that everyone else has – it all depends on how you choose to use them.”

    1. What a wise dad! I bet it got super annoying as a kid.. but now I’m sure this is a lesson you’re glad he taught you. :)

  8. Sarah

    I love month goals, I’m not great at sticking to mine sometimes :-)

    1. I think the best part about monthly goals is you get a do-over next month if this month wasn’t so great. :)

  9. Carly Anderson

    I love the idea of monthly goals! I need to set some short term goals up like these.

  10. Cailin

    Totally a great idea to set up monthly goals. I’m going to start writing mine in my planner. In other news, between that Sprinkles cupcake up there and the whoopie pies I’m guessing you’re a red velvet fan like me :)

  11. Rebekah

    yay for new goals! My time management is awful and it’s only going to get worse when I go back to work in a month!

    1. Ooh yeah.. life changes always mess up my schedule too. I always need to re-evaluate and re-prioritize during those times.

  12. Christen

    I think it is so great to set up short term goals like this!!

    1. It really is. The best part is even if you didn’t do so well this month, you get a clean slate next month! :)

  13. Jordan

    I love these posts. When I actually put them in writing on my blog, it really helps so much! What’s funny is that the more I do a list of goals, the more my priorities shine through and become more clear!

    1. Thank you Jordan! :) Are you doing them every month too? :) Blogging them has really helped me accomplish a lot more of them.

  14. Through the Eyes of the Mrs.

    I love this quote. Priorities are hard to stick to but thank you for the reminder. Loving your highlights as well.

  15. Kristin

    One of the quotes I have stuck on a post it note over my computer is “You can do anything, but you can’t do everything.” It’s a little reminder to make my priorities and make time for the stuff I really want to be doing, and not just the stuff on my goals list or to-do list!

  16. Such a good point on having priorities. You have so many things on your monthly list – good for you! and good luck!

    1. Thank you Jamie! I sometimes write a lot more than necessary.. but try not to be too hard on myself if I only get half of them done. I just like having them up as a reminder.

  17. Anosa

    I love that quote and it’s so important to remember to set out priorities just right

  18. Betsy Gettis

    goals vs priorities….what a really interesting concept! i love your goals for august…getting in some creative dates sounds like such a good idea! i’ve been working on scheduling out my blog posts as well…it really makes the week feel less hectic!

    1. Thank you Betsy! :) Isn’t it strange that sometimes they aren’t always aligned? I feel like half the time I’m good with my blog schedule, and the other half I’m last minute writing posts at midnight. Discipline is tough!

  19. Love love love your goals. Actually love everything about this post! Totally need this to motivate me to get my priorities straight. Great post!!!

  20. Chelsea

    That quote is so so true. I need to get my act together on setting priorities straight!

    1. Don’t we all? :) I would love to meet someone who has their priorities straight all the time and take some tips from them!

  21. Sometimes it’s hard to keep priorities in check, especially when you want to accomplish so much! I’ve had that problem before and I’m sure I’ll have it again in the future, but it’s always something to keep in mind. Good luck with your goals this month!

    1. It’s so true!! It’s a learning process. Even as I am writing down priorities.. it’s killing me to let go of some of these “lesser” goals.

  22. songbirdsandbuttons

    Love your goals! It’s so nice to actually have them down!

    1. Thank you! :) Writing it definitely helps me accomplish them.. especially when they are up for everyone in the world to see! haha

  23. theKatrinaM

    Good luck on getting your priorities in order, not many people realize that you need them.

    1. Thank you! I feel like I realize it now and write them down but may forget next month and may have to go through this lesson again :)

  24. willowberry

    I definitely need to get my priorities straight. I’ve been working on it, but sometimes I lack motivation to even do it.

    1. Yeah.. it’s hard to even want to change up what you’re used to. I still need to sit down and write out more in depth what exactly my priorities are besides family > exercise.

  25. Erika

    I can really relate to this — getting so caught up in setting and accomplishing goals that I forget their purpose is to help me to enjoy life. When it becomes about crossing items off of a list, it’s like: what’s the point? You’re right — having goals is great, but we always need to keep our priorities in mind and what’s most important to us. Anyway, way to rock your goals this month!

    1. I do this all the time.. and then I have to take a step back and ask myself why I’m still going through with certain goals. :) Thank you Erika! :D

  26. Shannon Kennedy

    Wow! Congrats – seems like you accomplished quite a bit this month even while being away. Good luck on all of this month’s goals.

  27. Chelsea Jacobs

    Priorities and time management is definitely something I’m going to be working on in August. It’s a forever learning process!

  28. Jenny R.

    I feel like this quote really strikes a chord with me! I feel like there really aren’t enough hours in a day sometimes, but when we prioritize it’s possible to get way more done.

    1. I’m so glad! :) It’s so true. There’s so much unnecessary stuff on my to-do list that don’t really deserve my time yet sometimes I still do it. Priorities are so important.

  29. Cheryn Bloom

    You did brilliantly well with your goals last month, bravo! Don’t even get me started on time management, I have been doing horrendously and have also come to the realisation that some priority setting is in order – I am currently cutting out all the stuff that eats into my time and is unnecessary. Thanks for confirming how important using our time wisely is! I love that quote and need to stick it up somewhere prominent! Best of luck with your goals this month and I shall read all the great links you’ve included in your post, looks like some fun reading!

    1. Thank you Cheryn! :) Time management isn’t my strong suit either. I don’t know that many people who actually say they are great at it. I should do the same with the quote. I feel like I am having to relearn this so often! You would think after a while I would finally get it!!

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