Next 5 on Our Wanderlust ListPin

Next 5 on Our Wanderlust List

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I feel like pinterest can be bad for me. Yes, it definitely can. I’m constantly looking at new places I want to go or new things I want to have. Things I never knew I wanted. Unlike the responsible pinners, I am a digital hoarder. Who knows.. they might come in handy one day. Am I right? :) Maybe not so much for style, recipes, and DIY projects, but when it comes to travel, the upside is that it opens my eyes to all that is out there. So many possibilities! And it inspires me to actually go…

Here’s the Recent Top 5 on Our Wanderlust List:

Wanderlust list: Iceland.Pin
Alaska on our wanderlust list.PinJuneau Alaska on our wanderlust listPin
Wanderlust list: GreecePin
Wanderlusting: AustraliaPinWanderlust List: AntarcticaPin

Iceland / Alaska / Greece / Australia / Antarctica.
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Not sure if it’s because it’s so hot in Vegas, but I noticed that most of them are places with colder climates. :) We hope to make them a reality in our near future!

What’s on your wanderlust list?

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Photo Credit: 2. Ron Niebrugge  6. Cecil Whitt. If anyone knows the others, please let me know!

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