Chick Fil A Headquarters Tour Atlanta

The recent passing of Truett Cathy reminded me about photos I never had a chance to share from my Chick Fil A Headquarters tour. Although I never had the chance to meet him myself, you could really see that he created an amazing company with employees that really loved working there. It must have been wild to see how this tiny diner grew to be one of the largest fast food chains in the nation in his lifetime. I’m always inspired by stories of those who come from humble beginnings.

They really created a great space for people to get a glimpse into what the company means to him as well as some of his other hobbies. One of Truett Cathy’s hobbies was collecting cars and his car collection included one of the original Batmobiles (the one from Batman Returns)!

Of course, the highlight of the tour was the food! We’re always jealous of our friends who work at the offices because they have a full cafeteria that includes what you see in a typical Chick-fil-a plus other great food. We had a good laugh knowing that burger day was the most popular among the employees. My favorite was their expresso frozen yogurt that they only have available there.

He will truly be missed, but we’re thankful he created such a great company with such delicious food.

Sorry for some of the fuzzy photos! I can’t find a lot of my photos from this day, and the only ones I could find were from instagram. If you blog local adventures link up here and feel free to use the button below:

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Do you have a Chick Fil A near you?
What’s your favorite thing to order from Chick Fil A?
And why do I only crave it on Sundays?

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