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No Electronics Before Bed for One Month? | Clear the List Link Up

Hey there! We want to welcome you to the Clear the List Linkup, where we share our goals and motivate one another to pursue our dreams. We’d love you to be a part of our community. Join us by adding a link to your own goals post at the bottom of the post.

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Last month, I challenged myself to stop using any electronics before bed. My cutoff was 11 PM. Immediately after I set my goal, I forgot the exact time and assumed it was midnight. So, if we’re going by the original goal, I failed miserably. But if we’re going by the one I made up in my head immediately after, I only failed three days. One night, I lost track of time and worked until 12:30 AM, and two other nights, I cheated on my phone and got off 5 minutes past midnight.

I hate to admit it, but last month’s goal helped me sleep better. I’m not as plagued with insomnia.

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This travel season has been a busy one, and the hardest part of traveling is leaving our cats behind. I feel like our cats have been seeing more of Mariah than they have of us, and we’re so thankful that she’s been such an amazing friend and second mom to our cats. They’re definitely starting to be way more fond of her than they are of us anyway. This was last month’s schedule:

Lisbon and Cascais, Portugal + Madrid, Spain (Oct 1-4)
Tucson & Saguaro National Park in Arizona (Oct 20-22)
White Sands National Monument in New Mexico (Oct 23-24)
Palm Springs, California (Oct 26-27)

How to Read More + Last Month's Blog Highlights.

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How to Read More + Monthly Goals.

Jacob does 99% of the cooking in our house. I’ve wanted to help out more in the kitchen, but I always get so much anxiety about cooking. I think part of the reason I get so flustered is because I’m so out of practice. This month, my goal is to cook three dishes a week. I’ve wanted to incorporate more veggie dishes into our rotation, so this might be a great time to try!

How to Read More + Maximize Your Month Link Up.

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Do you struggle with insomnia? Have you tried to cut off electronics in bed before? Also, are there any easy dishes you’d recommend?

xoxo esther

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