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February’s Smart Goals

January flew by like the rest of 2014. We had two week long LA trips and finally finished shooting all 16 episodes of the FuZees (I’m going to write a whole recap on the experience!). We attended CES for the first time, the mother of all conferences. I got an emergency root canal. And now we are in talks to possibly get an RV and live on the road for a year. Don’t get too excited, but anything is possible. :)

Last month’s highlights from our iPhones:

January Recap and February's Smart Goals.Pin

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I’ve been doing monthly goals for a little over a year now. Instead of making resolutions and feeling deflated two months later, I love that I can make monthly goals and feel like I have a fresh slate every month. I’ve also learned quite a bit about making smart goals during this time.

 Just to give you a refresher, S.M.A.R.T. Goals Are:

  • Specific – Who, what when, where, and why.
  • Measurable – How much / many? How do you know it’s accomplished.
  • Attainable – Start with baby steps.
  • Realistic – You can set your goals high, but they must be realistic.
  • Timely / Tangible – Have a time frame. Someday won’t work.

Last Month's Blog Highlights & Smart Goals.

January's Smart Goals.

  1. Skype, call, email home once a week. Skyped & emailed once. My mom was in Korea for a couple weeks because of a family emergency and we were also traveling.
  2. Get to zero inbox and clean it out every Wednesday. Yes, for about a minute it’s empty!
  3. Clean my desktop every Monday. Done for every week we were in town.
  4. Narrow down to less than 10 blog categories and stick to them. So far so good.
  5. Go on 4 dates (one a week). Missing one. Did desserts, improv, beer + wings.
  6. Read 4 books (Trying for 36 this year). Finished one and two and working on three!
  7. Read the bible everyday no matter how little. YES, thanks to #365DaysofTruth!
  8. 20 Day Ab Challenge with Blogilates. We did it! Now if only we could see our amazing abs underneath the layer of belly fat. One day.
  9. Find one new healthy recipe to put into our regular rotation. Made some rosemary salmon at Joe & Jess’ last week!

February's Smart Goals.

  1. Skype, call, email home once a week.
  2. Get to zero inbox and clean it out every Wednesday.
  3. Clean my desktop every Wednesday (and my computer desktop if I feel really motivated).
  4. Check another item off my Ultimate Vegas Bucket List.
  5. Go on 4 dates (one a week).
  6. Read 4 books (Trying for 36 this year).
  7. Continue #365DaysofTruth with SheReadsTruth.
  8. Pick another 30 day workout to do. Do you have one to recommend?
  9. Find one new healthy recipe to put into our regular rotation.
  10. Celebrate my birthday and relax for a whole weekend!

How are your resolutions going?
What goals do you need to turn into SMART goals?
Do you do monthly goals?

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