25 Great Gifts for Travelers | The Traveler Gift Guide

25 Great Gifts for Travelers | The Traveler Gift Guide

The paper crinkled beneath my fingers as I ripped it off the box. No matter how old I am, I still feel like a kid when I get a present. It was no match for my excitement. I dug through the tissue paper and finally felt something.

As I was putting together a wish list for us, I also put together a gift guide for travelers. As someone who loves to travel, I know I wouldn’t mind getting any one of these as a gift. In fact, a lot of these I already have and find very useful on our trips, whether it be flying international or on road trips. Prices of these gifts range from $10 to $400.

The Traveler Gift Guide: 25 Great Gifts for Travelers.

15 Great Gifts For Travelers | The Practical Traveler Gift Guide:

  1. Global Entry Card – to never have to wait in TSA, passport control, or customs lines ever again!  It’s $100 to apply, and once approved, it’s good for 5 years. Makes it so fast and easy! We absolutely love it and have bought this for our parents and friends who travel. Every time we breeze through passport control, while everyone else is annoyed with the lines, we look at each other and say that $100 was so worth it!
  2. Eagle Creek Pack-it 2 sided Cube – helps organize your luggage. I usually put all my tees and tops in here. You can also separate your dirty from your clean clothes. I’ve seen prettier ones, but since I haven’t had any experience with them, this one wins for function.
  3. Rosetta Stone Language Course – my preferred method of learning a language. I know it’s pricier than other language softwares, but it helps me process information much faster not having to translate back to English first. I just completed levels 1,2,3 of italian, and I’ve retained the language much better than any other courses I have taken. It’s a perfect gift for any traveler who doesn’t want to be just a tourist.
  4. Kindle (paperwhite is their newest version) / e-reader – I know many of us like the tangible feel of a book, but as a traveler, it’s nice to carry an entire library of books in one device. I like having choices.
  5. Platypus soft water bottle – lightweight and collapsible so it doesn’t take up much space. I love hiking with it and being able to put it in my pocket afterwards. It’s really convenient.
  6. REI flash 18 pack – a lightweight and versatile daypack we use on all our day trips and short hikes.
  7. Gotoob set of 3 – squeezable tube for traveling with a no drip valve for gels or liquids. We have the 2 oz ones.
  8. Field Notes Expedition Edition – waterproof and tear proof so you can take them on any adventure! I also like moleskines, which are not waterproof. I feel like I can never have enough of these. I go through them so fast.
  9. Patagonia Capilene Layers – great for layering, lightweight, and fast dry. I actually have 3 and take them everywhere.
  10. Flight001’s 4-in-1 Universal Adapter – really want one mainly because I think it’s pretty, but it’s also the first adapter using the JA/C ready adapter system, which makes it easy to adapt to over 150 countries.
  11. F1 Compact Travel Emergency Blanket – I’m always so cold on airplanes. I can always use a blanket. I actually get stressed out during the boarding process that they’ll run out of blankets since we mostly fly coach.
  12. Speck Wallet Case for Phones – consolidates your phone with id, credit card & cash in one place. Most days I don’t even carry a purse anymore. Plus, I used to always lose my ID, but now that it’s with my phone I never do.
  13. Outdoor Research Dry Ditty Sacks – protects all your stuff from weather. We have these & it’s great for camping and travel. You can also use them to organize your miscellaneous items in your luggage.
  14. SmartWool Compression Socks – I know socks seem like a terrible gift, but these aren’t just any socks. The mild compression soothes and minimizes ankle, leg, and foot swelling and reduces fatigue.
  15. F1’s Luggage Tags – adds personality to your luggage and also helps you spot it easier at baggage claim.

5 Travel Gifts For Extra Pampering:

  1. GoGo In-flight Wifi – for those that are addicted to the internet, get them a month’s subscription to this. Most airlines have this now, but double check if they have a loyalty to a certain airline.
  2. Evian Facial Mist Mineral Water Spray – It’s tsa-approved and helps you feel fresh in a dry airplane cabin environment. I know I always feel gross on airplanes.
  3. Travalo – It’s an easy-fill perfume atomizer that’s small and great for travel.
  4. Kate Spade Passport Holder – protect your passport with style. They always have nice designs.
  5. Jewelry Roll – to keep all your jewelry organized. This is the one I own.

5 Travel Gadgets:

  1. Solar Joos Orange Portable Solar Charger – to recharge your electronics on the go. Rugged construction and simple operation makes this a top choice. It can charge a nearly dead iPhone to full in one hour.
  2. Lifeproof Phone Case – water proof, dirt proof, snow proof, & shock proof! Underwater iPhone photos, here we come!
  3. Bose QuietComfort Noise Cancelling Headphones – now they have a version where you can customize the colors of each part of the headphones. They’re comfortable, and they are great noise canceling headphones.
  4. GoPro hero4 – It’s compact, convenient, and takes great video especially for active people. Sometimes glitches though.
  5. OlloClip 4-in-1 lens kit – for your iPhone that allows you to shoot fisheye, wide-angle, and macro photos. Love using this.

For the few items here we don’t own, we picked the ones that had the best reviews. What do you think? Would you like to receive any of these travel products? Can you think of some other good gift ideas for travelers? Tweet us @estherjulee @jacobthefu.

xoxo estherJacob

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  1. Wow! Great choices :) Thanks for sharing these. I think I’m going to have to stock up on the Field Notes journals. I’m slowly starting to squirrel away some travel items – I’m currently lusting after this: http://www.kathmandu.co.nz/outlet/packs-and-bags/hybrid-trolley-v2-ink.html waiting for Boxing Day sale though, even though it’s already been reduced so much. I can’t wait to travel around the US! Maybe we can meet when I finally go in 2016 :)

    1. No problem! :) Yeah they’re great!! What’s a boxing day sale? By 2016 I might already be moved back to Atlanta.. so you might need to do a whole month’s trip to get everything in! I should help you plan your trip! haha

  2. whoa.. what a comprehensive list. i was totally looking for gift ideas for relatives. thanks esther! you should’ve posted this a week ago! (i kid.. i still haven’t bought anything yet… such a procrastinator).

    i will say that i should’ve bought the brand name ‘Gotoobe’ bottles instead of being cheap and buying CVS brand ones. i thought i’d be saving money but then the bottle lid wasn’t secure and my face wash leaked anyways. argh!

    1. haha yeah.. they aren’t always the same!! I’m starting to just spend more money on quality items, bc every time I go cheap.. they break down on me.

      I think I’m almost done with all my christmas shopping!! i’m just procrastinating on the sending out part… I just don’t want to deal with everyone else at the post office sending out their gifts too. Is it bad if I wait till after the holidays?

      1. Sadly none — but you’ve helped add to my travel wishlist. :-)

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