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Great American Foodie Fest Las Vegas – What You Need to Know Before You Go

Attending the Great American Foodie Fest Las Vegas? Here’s everything you need to know.

A great thing about Las Vegas is that there doesn’t ever seem to be a lack of events! One of our foodie friends living in LA told us about the Great American Foodie Fest (formerly known as Las Vegas Foodie Fest), and we knew we had to check it out. I mean… I love to eat. Don’t you?

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Last Updated: November 22, 2023

About the Great American Foodie Fest

We first went to Las Vegas Foodie Fest’s in 2014 and again this past year, nearly a decade later! They rebranded to Great American Foodie Fest and bring in over 40 of the nation’s favorite food trucks, including White Rabbit, FUKU Burger, White Castle, etc.

Although the food is pricier here, you’re paying for the festival atmosphere. Plus, if you’re into food trucks, this is a great way to cross many of them off your list. On top of that, there are tents with featured casino chefs, a beer garden, carnival rides, live entertainment, and local merchants. Four days of food & fun are conveniently located in one place.

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Foodie Fest Dates and Tickets

They hold two events each year. The main Great American Foodie Fest and a smaller Food Truck & Wine Walk.

Great American Foodie Fest
Date: April 5-7, 2024 & October 4-6, 2024
Location: The Orleans
Tickets: $5-9 (Presale) $10-12 at the Gate

Food Truck & Wine Walk
Date: October 21, 2023 6 PM – 10 PM (2024 TBA)
Location: Tivoli Village

The Food Line Up

Vendors change year to year, but here’s everything we tried in 2023.

  • Antidote – their salmon bombs are so good. I always look forward to eating Antidote when I see them at a festival. It costs way more than their food truck in Vegas, but you also don’t have to track them down.
  • Buldogis – We ended up trying the Bahn Mi Dog, which was delicious! Gotta support fellow Koreans. Jacob didn’t realize until later that Buldogis was a play on words for Bulgogi + Dog.
  • Chikn in Wafles – tried their chicken in a cone.
  • Flipbodian – Ube burger. So yummy!
  • Great American Funnel Cakes – it doesn’t feel like a festival if I didn’t have funnel cake. Of course, we ate the ube funnel cake.
  • Hibachi Done Wright – The sauce was fire, but I wish we got more than three pieces of shrimp.
  • Nogakes Kitchen – shrimp lumpia.

Here is the full list of vendors for 2023.

  • AntidoteLV
  • Birria Bros Tacos
  • Braud’s Funnel Cake Cafe
  • Chikn in Wafls
  • Custom Pizza Truck
  • Da Braddahz Grindz
  • Dem Boyz BBQ
  • Domain Expansion
  • Empanada Factory
  • Endless Pastabilities
  • FlipBodian Kitchen
  • Food Therapy LV
  • Four4corners Streetkitchen
  • Get on Tapas
  • Good Vibes Concessions
  • Great American Funnel Cakes
  • Greek Delights
  • Hawaiian Honey Cones
  • Hibachi Done Wright
  • Hot Bamboo
  • Hot Diggity Dog Las Vegas
  • Jus Jerk
  • Louie Louie Hibachi Food Truck
  • Louisiana Broiler Room
  • Milkshake Wasted
  • Mob Dawgs
  • Nogakes Kitchen
  • Rick’s World Famous Thai Sausages
  • Shawn’s Puffy Tacos
  • Snowie Paradice
  • Soigne Mobile Kitchen
  • Stripchezze Food Truck
  • Tran’s Concessions
  • True Cajun (Pearson’s)
  • Twisted Potato
  • We in the Kitchen Foodtruck
  • Worlds Best Corndogs
  • Viale Street Food Catering
  • Vitos Tacos

In our previous visit, White Castle had the craziest lines. We saw a lot of people carrying the crave crates of 100 sliders. Also, they had a long line for dole whip. Why am I not surprised?


Look! We ran into some more friends! Great minds think alike!

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Essential Tips for Going to the Great American Foodie Fest Las Vegas

  • There is plenty of parking at The Orleans.
  • Buy presale tickets to save money and bypass the lines.
  • We arrived on the first day right when it opened and the line to get in was long. After about an hour, the line died down significantly. In general the first 2 hours of opening will be slower.
  • Bring a small bag with you to carry any loose items.
  • Go with a group of friends and split up to get food from different food vendors, then meet to share and sample the different items.
  • Don’t forget to bring sunscreen, an extra layer when the weather cools after sunset, and hand sanitizer.
  • If you want to be eco-friendly, bring some reusable utensils!
  • Some of the vendors don’t take credit card but there are ATMs stationed around the festival.
  • Stay tuned for next year’s Great American Foodie Fest. See the dates on their website.
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Where to Stay

Planning Checklist

Spring is the time for festivals! What festivals are you excited to check out?

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  1. Britt @ One&20

    Pictures are superb and I def need that buldogi RIGHT NOW. Bulgogi is one of my favorite foods!!!

    1. esther julee

      thanks britt! :) the thing we ordered was nothing close to bulgogi.. i think also it was because jacob was the one who got us the food and he didn’t realize that buldogi was a korean food truck. lol so he ordered vietnamese,

  2. Hsiao-Ting

    This looks so much fun!! The Bahn Mi Dog looks like an heart attach and I can’t believe there was a super long line for White Castle. Why?! It’s just like Krystal’s right? And don’t they have stores so why do they have a food truck? What is Dole Whip? I saw you finally got to try it in LA. What’s so special about it?

    1. esther julee

      haha there were pickled veggies under there.. so it wasn’t ALL bad. :) i feel like we have to start watching our health though.. esp jacob since it runs in the family.

      dole whip is like pineapple ice cream. they don’t serve it at many places and the popular one is at disney and you have to wait in ridiculous hour long lines for it.. i’ve never wanted to wait but i was always curious about it. it’s good and i like it, but i feel like waiting that long is kinda absurd to me.

      they have white castle stores in the Northeast, but not anywhere else so that’s why they have a food truck. they made a killing at the foodie fest. people always want the things they can’t normally have. i don’t think crystals is over here either.

      1. Hsiao-Ting

        haha i do agree we should watch what we eat esp since we’re getting older! i don’t add as much salt in my food and now when i go out and eat, i’m more sensitive to salt.

        ah interesting. yea ppl wait for the craziest thing i guess. there’s not much fast food over here as the south i think :p

  3. Gina G

    So awesome, wish I had been there for that. My parents live in Vegas so I am there a lot. And…is that Nigahiga???!

    1. esther julee

      It was a great event! You should check it out if it comes back next year. And yes it is. :)

  4. Margo

    wowwzas, I want a bite of that buldogi! :)

    1. esther julee

      It was surprisingly good! Although, since I was sick, I kind of ate everything piece by piece so I’m not sure how the combination of everything was. :D Jacob liked it though.

  5. Amy

    oh my gosh! this is awesome….and looks like SO MUCH FUN!
    you really captured some great pictures here (as always!)

    1. esther julee

      Thank you Amy! :) Are you going to ay food festivals in your area? Now, I want to go to another one!

  6. WOW this sounds amazing! I love a good food truck! I’m sorry but if I was at an event like that I would not be standing in line for White Castle, I would want something more unique.

    1. esther julee

      :) Which ones your fave? Yeah, I think people just want what they can’t normally have. We definitely liked our choice!

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