November’s 10 Monthly GoalsPin

November’s 10 Monthly Goals

When things become too routine, I tend to feel trapped, so I ‘m going to switch things up for this week. Since it’s the beginning of November, I wanted to try listing out monthly goals and see how that feels. This is week 6 of our 100 days of less challenge.

Seeing everyone’s fall photos is making me miss having seasons. Grass always seems greener on the other side, right? We’re still going to the beach in Cali pretending like summer will never pass. Not bad, but I do miss the cozy fireplace, the colors, the sounds of crunchy leaves… pumpkin shooting. ;) I may not have a cozy fire to snuggle up next to with a book, but doesn’t mean I can’t shift my mood to be more restful and reflective.

my monthly goals for november. setting goals. setting personal goals. monthly goals. setting goals for yourself. weekly wishes. life goals list.Pin

my monthly goals for november. setting goals. setting personal goals. monthly goals. setting goals for yourself. weekly wishes. life goals list.Pin

Look at the crazy vignettes on them. I used to love vignettes. It’s hard to find colorful fall trees in LA, so these were some old photos I took while I was living in Germany in 2008.

One of my 30 before 30 goals was to finish all the recipes in the scrapbook cookbook my girlfriends made me, so I’m going to make an effort to cook something new once a week and possibly post on Fridays. Hopefully more soups! I’ve also been recently browsing bookriot’s from zero to well-read, BBC’s big read, and buzzfeed’s 65 books to read in your 20s and realized I have not read very many books on all three lists. Whenever I discover a new list, I can’t help but want to immediately start crossing things off them. It’s a problem…

Let’s see how did I do last week?

Weekly Wishes for Last Week (Oct 28-Nov 3):

  1. Keep my desktop clean all week. Take photos. ✓
  2. Skype with parents and grandma. ✓
  3. Do Insanity 5x this week. – injured my ankle & kept pushing the week before, so it got worse. 0/5
  4. Blog at least 3x this week. one. two. three. four. five. ✓
  5. Write five things I’m thankful for in my gratitude journal everyday. ✓
  6. Finish reading Omnivore’s Dilemma. ✓
  7. Read the bible every day even if it’s only one verse. ✓
  8. Start taking inventory of all my clothes for 100 days of less. ✓ all my hung clothes

November’s 10 monthly goals:

my monthly goals for november. setting goals. setting personal goals. monthly goals. setting goals for yourself. weekly wishes. life goals list.Pin

I know it might sound early to get started on Christmas cards, but I hate feeling rushed and getting gifts for the sake of a holiday. Also, I buy a lot of cute Christmas cards with the intention of sending them out, but I never seem to get around to them. If I want gifts to be more thoughtful, I’m going to have to start WAY early. Some of my friends are the Monica of gift givers. You can never win with them. :P In an ideal world, everyone would just have pinterest wish lists, and we would never have to play this game. ;)

If you want to check out some of my other monthly goals, you can click on the banner below:

monthly goals with weekly wishes.Pin

What’s something you’ve read recently that you’ve really enjoyed? I just recently finished reading Omnivore’s Dilemma, the Divergent trilogy, and the Maze Runner trilogy. I had to make sure I read them before all the movies come out. I don’t like how sometimes knowing who is casted in the movie changes your perception of the characters. I want to be able to imagine what they look like on my own. Also, do you use goodreads? What are your top three favorite books of all time?

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  1. Love the Pinterest wish list idea. Why hadn’t I thought of that?! Also, I think you’ve inspired me with your list. I’m putting together my November goals list now, going up on the blog tonight!

  2. there are so many things I love about this post! You are inspiring me to make my own list!
    I can’t believe you finished ominvores dilemma. I know we made a deal, but I just can’t do it. I’m too far behind! dont hate me :)
    I use goodreads, except since I started blogging I’ve used it less and less. I set a goal to read 50 books this year and I think I’m 3 books away?? I’ll be able to finish though.
    I don’t know if I could pick 3 favorite books…I have favorites for all different moods/occasions! I would say that overall Little Women was my favorite read this year. It’s just such a quality, wholesome story.

    1. Girrrrl, you better get on that book! haha Don’t be intimidated. It’s not as bad as you think.

      I’d love to see a monthly goals list! Oooh maybe we should start a monthly goals link-up! haha too much? There may be way too many link-ups going on.

      I can’t remember if I’ve read little women, but since it’s such a favorite of yours I’ll have to put it on my to read list. :)

  3. christmas cards already? ARGH! don’t remind me! thinking about it already stress me out.
    you’re really on top of checking off your lists lately! =D and 3 fav books of all time.. that’s too hard to narrow down.

    1. You got it! If I don’t start, you may never get yours. :P
      I love checking things off.. dont you know it??

      And don’t worry about it.. I probably read them. haha! Or you better update your goodreads.

  4. I like your goals! I’ve just starting writing out my Christmas cards. But I’ll keep them around for a while instead of mailing them right away so no one thinks I sent them too early! :P

  5. Doing monthly goals is a fantastic idea!! and then your weekly goals could be a break down!! I also have not even thought about Christmas Cards!! I need to get on that!

    1. Can’t say I’ve been going through any of them just yet, but it’s helped me at least look at the sorry pile of cards every so often. ;) Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Thanks! Hopefully I can accomplish it and somehow catch up to my thoughtful friends. haha

  6. Esther, I didn’t know you were studying Italian! I’m so excited! (I’ve been studying since April.) I’m sure you know more than I do, but if you want to practice, feel free to send me an email or FB message in Italian!! Like Kayli I love how you presented the goals. Happy November!!

    1. Yes I am! And I had no one to practice with… even in Italy. The italians would just speak back to me in english because their english is better than my italian. :(

      And likewise, you can ask me anything in Italian! :) & Thanks! I could always use feedback on “design.”

  7. Awesome goals & I LOVE how you formatted them on that picture…it looks fabulous!!

    1. Thanks Kayli! :) I knew I wanted to do something different for WW. I’m trying to follow your lead and shop more at farmers markets. ;)

  8. hello! stopping by from weekly wishes, wow those are some really incredible goals for november! good luck!

    p.s. the 100 days of less project sounds awesome!

    1. Hi Victoria! :) Thanks for stopping by. I just visited your blog and saw that you live in LA too. Love what you did with the pumpkins. Also, I hope your week goes well!

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