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Japan Crate – Trying Weird Japanese Candy & Snacks!

We have a few more left to review in our series of Best Subscription Boxes for the Travel Lover! We love that many of these boxes give your taste buds the chance to travel to the other side of the world without leaving your home. Japan has some of the most unique and weirdest snacks we’ve ever tried. Japan Crate is a wonderful way to try an assortment of all the yummy and weird japanese candy and snacks out there. If you’ve been reading our blog for a while, you’ll also know that we’re obsessed with trying every Japanese kit kat flavor they come out with (P.S. orange – yuck! wasabi flavor – actually good!).

Try Weird Japanese Candy with Japan Crate - A Japanese Snack Box Subscription.Pin
Japan Crate - A Snack Box Subscription with Weird Japanese Candy and Snacks.Pin

They have three different sized boxes that you can choose from based on how much candy you want.

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Japan Crate - A Japanese Snack Subscription Box Review.Pin
Japan Crate - Weird Japanese Candy in a Monthly Food Box Subscription.Pin

If you’ve never had Japanese candy before, they also have DIY candy. Yup! Candy that you get to mold, microwave, and mix to create some of the cutest snacks out there. We’ll be doing ours via SnapChat so be sure to follow Jacob’s account: jacobthefu.

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Snapchat jacobthefu - Trying Weird Japanese Candy with Japan Crate.Pin

Check out our unboxing video here and see us try the different candies:


What it is: Get an assortment of Japanese candy sent to your door every month.
How much it cost: $12-30/month
Plans: Month-to-Month

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Have you tried any weird Japanese candy before?
Have you heard of Japan Crate?
Which countries have you tried snacks from?

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