DIY Cat Teepee Tutorial – Adventures of Mika & Sebastian

DIY Cat Teepee Tutorial – Adventures of Mika & Sebastian

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Mika & Sebastian have been troopers! We’ve moved three times in the last three years and sometimes go off on week-long adventures without them. I’ve been wanting to make a DIY Cat Teepee for them for a while, and since we just moved into a new apt, it was the perfect time to make them a cozy space.

DIY Cat Teepee (How to Build a Tipi).
How to Build a Tipi.

Materials Needed for Your DIY Cat Teepee:

DIY Cat Teepee / DIY Cat Tent.


Step 1: Start with the twine stretched on the ground. Lay down 2 two dowels side-by-side perpendicularly over the twine, and lay 1 dowel over them parallel to the twine.

DIY Tipi for Cats.

Step 2: Wrap the twine around the dowels in a figure 8 knot (see photos and the diagram below). Tighten the twine and tie a knot to secure them in place.

DIY Tipi for Cats.Cat Tent DIY.
How to Make a Cat Tent.DIY Cat Tipi.
DIY Cat Tent / Teepee.

Step 3: Stand the dowels up to create a tent, add the two other dowels, and spread them out evenly.

DIY Cat Teepee Instructions.DIY Cat Tent.

Step 4: Wrap the remaining twine around all 5 dowels (there isn’t any particular knot, just wrap it around until it’s securely in place) tie a double knot at the end.

Cat Tent DIY / Cat Tipi DIY.

Step 5: Fold the blanket in half long ways. Wrap it around the structure and tuck the remainder insides as a floor. (Note: Some tutorials will have you cut the blanket into a circle to fit perfectly. We didn’t want to ruin a perfectly good blanket, and I didn’t mind the extra fabric being tucked under.)

Step 6: Safety pin the tip to hold it securely together. You can also add an additional safety pin on the opening to create a flap.

DIY Cat Teepee.How to Build a Teepee for Cats.

Step 7: Place it where you want in your home, and add their favorite toys.

How to Build a Teepee for Cats.
DIY Cat Teepee.DIY Cat Tent.
DIY Cat Teepee.

Besides a new home for them, we do our best to make sure they are healthy and happy. That means giving them enough attention and feeding them well.

Since we’re food lovers, we try to remember that our cats have preferences in food too. Lately, we’ve been feeding them IAMS. I love that they have different formulas separated by life stage. We treat them to wet food on special occasions, but for the most part, we try to feed them dry food, because the chewing action helps them keep their teeth and gums clean. Gotta pay attention to dental health as they get older!

IAMS cat food coupons.
IAMS Cat Food Coupons at Target.IAMS Cat Food Coupons at Target.

Target has always been our one stop shop for pretty much everything, and that includes cat food, treats, toys, and our favorite – costumes during Halloween!

Shark Cat! Halloween Costumes for Cats.
Halloween Costumes for Cats.

One of the biggest things we miss most about living in Vegas is being one block away from Target. We practically lived there. They have a great selection, and we’re so familiar with their layout that everything is always easy to find.

Pro Tip: We’ve learned a lot about saving at Target from our couponing days. You can use a Target coupon on top of a manufacturer’s coupon to get extra savings. Target also has mobile coupons and an app called Cartwheel that offers discounts. When you shop for your cat food, be sure to check the app.

10% off IAMS dry cat food (expires 7/11)
5% off IAMS wet cat food (expires 7/11)

If you have dogs, they have deals for you too!:
10% off IAMS wet and dry dog food (expires 7/11)

Any DIY project you’ve been working on lately?
Do you have pets?
What kind of food do you feed your pets?

xoxo estherJacob

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  1. Great idea for the teepee, will definitely be making it!
    As a side note, dry food doesn’t actually clean cats teeth, and even cats that drink a lot of water still end up consuming a lot less water than cats who eat wet food. I just recently found this out as my poor kitty had a UTI and blood in her urine:( has a lot of good information on this. It seems like you really love your kitties so I thought you might be interested, I used to feed mine dry food as well. Thanks for the great post:)

    1. Thanks for letting us know, Nicole. We’ve been switching them over to a mix of wet and dry food as they’ve gotten older too. :) Much less health issues now. Do you only feed her wet food now or a mix?

      1. No problem, one of my cats is 11 now and vet bills are crazy! Prevention really is easier :). Right now we are feeding just wet food, we feed Tiki Cat or Weruva in the chicken or liver flavors (seafood can cause problems like allergies). The cats seem much healthier, the cat with a uti is all better and both of their coats are so clean and fluffy:). But it’s expensive even if we buy fancy feast so right now we are saving up for a Tasin meat grinder to make our own food. It will be more work but spending ~2 hrs/week making food is preferable if it means spending $1 a day to feed two cats rather than $5 or more per day. The recipe we will use is on the website if you want to look it over. Good luck!

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