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Whisknladle La Jolla – Best Food in San Diego


Any food lover we’ve talked to who either lives in San Diego or visited has mentioned Whisknladle having some of the best food in all of San Diego. Naturally, it made it onto our San Diego Bucket List.

Whisknladle makes its home in La Jolla with a nice, relaxed atmosphere and outdoor breeze. You can sit in the main dining area that faces the street, the bar area with beautifully vaulted ceilings, or they have a private room for special occasions.

Whisknladle La Jolla San Diego.
Whisknladle La Jolla San Diego.Whisk and Ladle La Jolla San Diego.
Whisk and Ladle - Restaurants in La Jolla CA.Whisk and Ladle - Places to Eat in San Diego.
Whisk n Ladle San Diego Dining.
Whisk and Ladle San Diego Food.Whisk n Ladle Restaurant in San Diego.
Whisk and Ladle La Jolla Dining.Best Food in San Diego.
WhisknLadle San Diego Food.

We started with some tapas, which can only be ordered in the bar area. Our favorite of the three was easily the Patatas Bravas. The double fried potatoes covered in aioli hit the spot! The Pork Rillette was tasty and fatty, and the White Wine and Garlic Mushrooms had a bright, citrusy broth.

Whisknladle La Jolla - Best Restaurants in San Diego.Whisknladle La Jolla San Diego Restaurants.

Our first dinner dish was the Spanish Octopus. The octopus was tender and the broth flavorful, but the highlight of this dish for us was the honey glazed cipollini onion. “Wow!” is all we could really say about it.

Whisknladle La Jolla San Diego.

The sweet, savory, and spicy flavors of the Quail & Waffles were blended well together. I really enjoyed the hot sauce butter, and Jacob kept picking out the chunks of bacon.

WhisknLadle San Diego Eats.Whisk and Ladle La Jolla Ca Restaurants.

The last dish we had was the Pan Seared Local Tombo (Japanese name for albacore tuna). This was the most photogenic dish presented on a cutting board. They bring you two healthy portions of Tombo over wild rice and ruby grapefruit. Individually, each piece of the dish was unremarkable, but when you took a bite of tombo, wild rice, and grapefruit together, it was a perfectly balanced flavor with great texture. And if you want to add a bit of a kick to your bite, pick up one of the peppers hiding in the wild rice!

WhisknLadle La Jolla San Diego.

The Las Renaissance is a take on the Bellini, but the Fraise in the Rye was the star of the two. You could taste the alcohol, but it wasn’t overly boozy. The strawberry cilantro jam gave it a refreshing flavor, and it’s one we would order again.

Out of the desserts, Jacob really liked the dark chocolate crumb and fudge sauce in the Chocolate Ginger Torte (out of us two, he’s the chocolate lover). We also tried the Strawberry Paris-Brest. I LOVED the lemon poppy seed gel and wish I could buy it to put it on all of my desserts.

Whisk n Ladle - La Jolla Restaurants.Whisk and Ladle La Jolla Dining.
Whisknladle La Jolla San Diego.

What we tried:

La Renaissance
Fraise in the Rye ♥

Tapas (only available in the bar)
Patatas Bravas ♥
Pork Rillette
White Wine and Garlic Mushrooms

Spanish Octopus ♥
Quail & Waffles
Pan Seared Local Tombo

Chocolate Ginger Torte ♥
Strawberry Paris-Brest

 ♥ favorites

Final Thoughts: We can definitely understand the hype of Whisknladle and plan on going back with all our out of town guests! If you’re on a budget, you can grab some seats at the bar and get tapas (they are $5 each from 3PM to close). If you’re looking for a nice evening out, make reservations in the main dining area, since it can get very busy.

There are plenty of options, and we’re excited to try the other dishes when we return. Who wants to come with us?

Whisknladle Bistro & Bar
1044 Wall Street
La Jolla, CA 92037


Lunch: Mon-Fri 11:30AM to 3PM
Dinner: Daily 5PM to Close
Brunch: Sat & Sun 10AM to 3PM
Bar Happy Hour: 3PM to 6PM
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Which dishes would you want to try most?
Do you like your desserts chocolatey or fruity?

xoxo estherJacob

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