The Truth Behind Zzyzx Road CaliforniaPin

The Truth Behind Zzyzx Road California

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Since moving to Vegas, we’ve made countless drives to LA. And every time we do, we always talk about Zzyzx road as we drive by it. If you’ve ever done the drive, I’m sure the peculiar name caught your eye, but how many of you know what’s at the end of the road? We decided we had to see for ourselves.

The truth behind Zzyzx Road California.Pin

The Zzyzx exit (pronounced zei-zix) is two hours outside of Las Vegas. 5 miles south of the exit, we discovered an oasis that we later learned has quite an odd history. Initially known as “Soda Springs”, this was a popular stop for Indians, Spanish explorers, an Army outpost, miners, and the railroad. In 1944, LA radio evangelist Curtis H. Springer decided to make the mineral springs a health resort. As a gimmick to be the last listing in any directory, he and is wife ended up naming it the “Zzyzx Mineral Springs and Health Resort” as it’s “the last word in health” and the last word in the English language.

The resort was a huge success! They constantly had guests frequenting the “healing waters” and Springer shipped his “medical products” all over the world. In the 70s, the government realized that they had no legit claim to the land and evicted them. Since then, it’s been taken over by the Bureau of Land Management. A group of California State University campuses manage Zzyzx as a Desert Studies center and the site is a protected habitat for the Mohave Tui Chub, which Springer had stocked in his pond and have died off almost everywhere else.

If you do a bit more digging, you’ll find bizarre stories of unexplainable healings and claims that it’s the true fountain of youth. There are even news articles of when it was an army base how people were miraculously healed. Regardless of what you believe it may be, it was definitely an unexpected adventure off a road that we’ve seen so many times!

Local Adventures: Zzyzx Road California.Pin
What is zzyzx? | Mohave National Preserve California.Pin
Zzyzx Road California | Mohave National Preserve.Pin
Zzyzx Road California | Mohave National Preserve.Pin
Zzyzx Rd California | Mohave National Preserve.Pin
Zzyzx Road California | Mohave Desert.Pin
Swings at Zzyzx Road California | Mohave National Preserve.Pin
Zzyzx California | Mohave National Preserve.Pin
Local Adventures to Zzyzx CA.Pin
Local Adventurer Link Up Feature: Zzyzx Rd in the Mohave Desert.Pin
Local Adventures to Zzyzx Road | Mohave National Preserve.Pin

Tips for your Zzyzx Road Excursion:

  • Exit off of I-15, and drive south for approximately 5 miles on the paved road. You’ll hit a short section (0.1 miles) of a dirt road at 3.5 miles, but the rest if paved until you reach the oasis.
  • If you want to watch the lowest grossing movie ever starring Katherine Heigl, check out Zyzzx Road the movie. haha They even spelled the road name wrong. On purpose?


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Is there a road near you that you’ve always wondered ‘what lies at the end’?

We’re finally checking this off our bucket list!!! :)

xoxo estherJacob

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  1. Hi, we are heading back to our home right now from a trip to Vegas & are less than 30 miles, traveling the N I-15. We are planning a stop & want to know if there is anything we should look for?

    1. Hi Jeff, not sure if we missed you already. Nothing in particular – you just drive down the road to check out what’s there!

  2. For years since I was a child we’ve driven that stretch and it’s awesome to learn the history about that specific road! We will have to exit one day!

  3. How fun! And that’s actually the coolest name ever! My family and I went to the beach yesterday, so I’m super excited to write that post and link up next week! :)

    xo, Hima

    Hima Hearts

  4. 1. That is the most awesome name for a read ever
    2. I love this link up idea! I linked up with my only Explore-Adelaide post, but I agree that exploring your backyard can be just as fun as travelling far and away! I plan to explore more in the future
    3. You take amazing photos!

    1. Thanks so much Annabel! :) It definitely got me curious.. and I know everyone else that passes it wonders about it too. So glad to have you be a part of it!

  5. Looks and sounds amazing, cool and relaxing too x

  6. Sounds like an amazing place! And the pictures are just fabulous! I really wish I get to visit there one day!

  7. Looks like a great place. :)

  8. Okay that is just gorgeous! Love all of your awesome pics! Looks like a great local trip!

  9. Sucha a great idea for a link up. I love investigating the local area and finding things to do.

  10. I have passed this road on the way to Vegas and I have always wondered what this was all about! THANK YOU for sharing! <3

    1. It is probably the most bizarre road name and exit out of any of the ones I’ve seen road tripping. Thanks so much for reading! :)

      1. Yes on my way home from vagas I exited the road but I made a right and we drove for a minute or two and hit like a dirt field I went out to take pictures of the stars and somthing walked up hit my car or a cart that was next to me I was not sure but there where hand prints on my car that scared the crap out of me and I just had a bad vibe not sure what it is I went back to that spot and still did not feel right. Just thought i would share with you guys.

        1. Thanks for sharing, Christopher. That sounds super creepy!! I haven’t been back in a while, but when I went it was broad daylight. I can only imagine how weird it is at night.

  11. Thanks for that – I’ve always figured there must be a story behind that road whenever I pass it on the way to Vegas!

    1. You’re so welcome & thanks for reading! :) The back story made the place a much more interesting place to visit.

  12. We always loved drying by Zzyzx road and trying to figure out how to pronounce it! Your photos are so gorgeous :)

    1. Even though I learned the proper way to say it I still get confused every time I try. haha Thanks so much Amy <3

  13. What an adventurous little side trip! Thank for sharing the neat back-story. Honestly, the place seems a bit creepy to me.

    1. haha It wasn’t that creepy when we were there bc I was more focused on the blazing hot sun and Jacob was with me.. but I imagine it would be much creepier at night. It’s almost deserted!

  14. This is SO COOL! I remember driving past this exit on our epic road trip wondering what the heck it was, haha. Really neat history! :)

    1. I’ve always wondered!! :) And then we finally did it since I officially put it on my bucket list. Now that you know, think you will explore it yourself? :P Or good enough?

    1. it looks really gross like pond water. nobody was around, and we didn’t have a filtration system so we didn’t even think about trying it. Do you think you would have? :P

      1. haha you’re right … probably not. how about dipping your toes in it?

  15. Oh my gosh! I have never heard of this but this is awesome!!! I am now so intrigued… especially because I’ve been really thinking about different places as having different “energies” — and it’s interesting to think that a certain location might have more “positive” vibes or aspects to it than can be seen by the eye. (I feel weird typing it out but does this make sense?) ANYWAY! What a cool story!

    1. It’s so bizarre the history!! And I personally do believe that miraculous healings do happen. There are places back in the day where they would have healing pools and the sick would come to get healed. I guess we don’t hear about stuff like this these days.. but I do notice each city does have a different vibe and energy. Also different homes. :) Don’t worry I totally got you!

  16. Every time we drive out to Vegas, I wonder about Zzyxx. Thank you for revealing the mystery. One of the local adventures I’d like to do soon is visit the Calico Ghost Town between us and Vegas. Have you been?

    1. Oh yeah.. so we got off the exit and drove up to the ghost town.. and the cost to get in was a little more than Jacob wanted to spend. I think it was anywhere between 10-20 per person. It was expensive for what it is.. I guess I don’t know what lies inside, but I can’t imagine I’m getting my money’s worth. Our limit was 7 a person. We’ll see. If I run out of other local adventures then I’ll do it. lol

      1. Hmm… Yeah, M and I tried to go at one point but it was closed the day we tried to visit so we skipped it and haven’t yet made it back to try again but I think I remember the prices were up there. I was hoping you had gone and could tell me whether it was worth it or not. :)

        1. haha I will let you know… Maybe one day. For now, it’s a bit steep!

          1. I agree! Either way, I look forward to reading about whatever your next local adventures are.

  17. loving these pictures! what a fun adventure :)

    1. Thanks Yun Mi. :) I feel like you guys are doing the same thing around Boston. I’d love for you to link up one of these days (no pressure, but if you want!)

  18. What a funky little place! Great story AND great pics – I love the seat of the swing. :)

    1. Thanks Margo! Do you think you would ever visit yourself? :D

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