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Our 2024 Travel Wish List

Did you put together a Christmas wish list this year? Since we’re all about collecting experiences over things, this year, we put together a travel wish list. I love that we’ve met more people with the same mindset in the past few years. We hope Santa puts some flight tickets under the Christmas tree this year! What about you?


Last updated: February 8, 2024

1. Greenland

Now that we’ve been to Antarctica, we’re itching to see more icebergs.

2. Oahu

The floating lantern memorial happens on Memorial Day every year at Ala Moana Beach to honor and remember those who have fallen in service to their country.

Lantern Floating at Ala Moana Beach, Honolulu Oaha // localadventurer.comPin
photo: Kassia Phoy

3. Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Although we’ve been to 12 Apostles, Melbourne, and Sydney, we still want to dive at the Great Barrier Reef, one of the top dive spots in the world.

heart reef whitsundays great barrier reefPin

4. Kilimanjaro

Another hike we can’t wait to do!

base camp kilimanjaro + 25 places to visit before they disappearPin

5. Sri Lanka

nine arch bridge sri lanka + most beautiful places in the worldPin

Our Travel Highlights + Travel Bucket List Recommendations

These were previously on our list that we got to cross off.

1. Antarctica

Antarctica is the most epic trip I’ve been on. The landscapes are stunning, the wildlife sightings are unreal, and you can’t help but smile whenever you see a penguin. This is my number one recommendation lately.

2. Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Festival in New Mexico

This is the largest balloon festival in the world and has over 500 balloons go up yearly!

Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon FestivalPin

3. Alaska

We’ve been wanting to go to Alaska for quite some time, but can’t decide whether we want to do a cruise or fly in to spend a couple of weeks hiking around. Check out the link above for more photos from my friend’s Spencer Glacier hike in Alaska.

Best Things to Do in Denali National Park AlaskaPin

4. Australia

One of my goals is to set foot on every continent, and we mistakenly thought New Zealand was part of the continent of Australia. Who knew they didn’t have to be part of one of the seven continents?

Bay of Fires Tasmania Australia + 25 Best Hikes in the World to Put on Your Hiking Bucket ListPin

5. Patagonia

We finally did the W trek in Torres del Paine National Park, which we highly recommend you do in the winter. You don’t get the summer crowds, and as long as you’re staying in the lodges, the cold temperatures won’t be as bad.


6. Derawan Islands, Indonesia

Here we swam with whale sharks, stingless jellyfish, and tons of sea turtles (there were more than I’ve ever seen anywhere else!).

Swimming with Lagoon Jellyfish that Don't Sting - Derawan Island Indonesia // localadventurer.comPin

7. Cappadocia, Turkey

Going up in a hot air balloon here has been a dream of mine, and this year thanks to Turkish Airlines and Inflow Travel, we had the opportunity to check this off! It was an amazing experience, and we highly recommend it! Those who feel nervous about traveling to Turkey because of what you’ve seen in the media must know that we felt completely safe the whole time we were there, and it’s a shame that people are afraid to travel to such a beautiful place.

Cappadocia Hot Air Ballon RidePin

8. The Wave, Arizona

Winning a permit in the lottery for the Wave was impossible until this year. Jacob had been trying on and off for the past 5 years, but thanks to Airstream, we could camp out in Kanab for several days and go in for as many days as we needed to enter the lottery. Luckily, on the second day, we were chosen to visit this gem!

The Wave and Other Famous Hiking Trails in the USPin

Go check out the wonderful photography work of our friends and other talented photographers using the links below each photo!

What is on your travel wish list for next year? Or should I say travel checklist if that makes it more likely to happen?

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