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March Goals 2016 // Clear the List Link Up #7

Hey there! We’d like to welcome you to the Clear the List Linkup, where we share our goals and motivate one another to pursue our dreams. We’d love you to be a part of our community. Join us by adding a link to your own goals post at the bottom of the post.

We made it onto the Expeditioner’s Top 50 Travel Blogs! I couldn’t believe my eyes when we got that email. Does this mean we’ve ‘made it’? I can never be too sure. What is the measurement you use to know whether you’ve made it and can finally take a breather? I feel like we’ve been hustling with no end in sight. Maybe the hustle never ends. If anyone has the “work smarter, not harder” figured out, please let us know!

February was a good month for local adventures. We love traveling abroad (we’re currently in Iceland), but sometimes I feel like it takes away from the direction we want to take the blog.

March Goals 2016 + Personal Goal Setting Link Up for Bloggers // localadventurer.comPin


Clear the List Link Up #7 - A Goal Setting Community of Bloggers // localadventurer.comPin

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How to Read More + Last Month's Blog Highlights.

Setting Monthly Goals.

Blogging Goals

  • Get a week ahead on the editorial calendar.
  • Put up the new logo and change out the colors.
  • Switch out menu back to being more travel oriented.
  • Make sure there is 1 local adventure in the schedule every week.
  • Revise a draft of eBook 1.

Life Goals

  • Go to the climbing gym 3x a week (when we’re in town).
  • Finish 1 Book
  • Write in my Gratitude Journal every day.

How to Read More + Maximize Your Month Link Up.

Clear the List Link Up - A Monthly Goal Setting Community #clearthelistPin

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Are you a detail-oriented person or a big picture person?
What are the goals you’re working on this month?

xoxo esther

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