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Lovely Letters Pen Pal Program / July Link Up & August Sign Ups

Welcome to Lovely Letters, a pen pal program for bloggers, where we pair you up with a new partner every month and you swap snail mail. This month I’m co-hosting with Lauren and Paige. We usually try our best to pair you up with a blogger in a different country or at least a different part of your own, but this month we decided to switch it up so that you can meet bloggers that live closer to you. That way there’s a chance you can even meet in person after if you’d like! The blogger world can be both big and small, but this is a great way to get to know each other. :)

The theme of this month’s exchange was Ocean Blue. Since we’re on the road again, I’m not going to be able to see what I got until we get back from our trip. I really can’t wait to see what my partner Sou-Wah got me! Will update you on it later! Meanwhile, this is what I sent out:

Lovely Letters Monthly Pen Pal Program.Pin
What do you guys think? Usually I try to find many little items to add to the package, but this month I actually stumbled across one awesome bigger item instead. A friend of mine gave me one of these awesome journals, and I loved it, so I couldn’t pass it up!  Don’t worry. This journal occasionally goes on sale at target, so I didn’t go over the limit!

***UPDATE: Loved coming home after a long trip and opening my package from Sou-Wah! She is so ridiculously creative. I know it’s not a competition, but if it was, she puts my package to shame.
Lovely Letters Pen Pal Program / July Link Up & August Sign Ups.Pin
Lovely Letters Pen Pal Program / July Link Up & August Sign Ups.Pin

What was inside:

1 lovely letter / positive postcard / happy day notebook
gratitude stamp / good works leather wrap bracelet
card wallet for reward cards / bicycle paperclip
rock found from matador beach
miniature treasure box full of treasures

Lovely Letters Monthly Pen Pal Program Theme - Ocean Blue.Pin

What was inside the treasure box (packageception):

paper clip / mini peg / flip flops / mysterious key
3 blue buttons / blue bear memo tabs / ‘e-s-t-h-e-r’ charm string
3 vintage stamps (that once carried lovely letters)
handmade wool felt heart

Dates to remember for AUGUST’s Snail Mail Exchange:

  • Sign ups are open until August 6th midnight EST. You can sign up HERE (FOR BLOGGERS ONLY. If you don’t have a blog, you can always start one!)
  • You will get your partner pairings by the 9th and begin getting to know your partner.
  • Send out your packages by Aug 20th. Stay under the 7 USD limit and THEME: Hometown
  • Write about your experience and link up on Aug 29th (the last Friday of the month).


1. Share your about the lovely letters you recieved and/or sent out and the new pals you made. Unrelated entries or ones linked to your homepage will be deleted.

2. Link back to this site so that others can join in on the fun! Feel free to use the button below if you like!

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3. MOST IMPORTANTLY you MUST visit the person’s blog post linked up directly before you and leave them a comment. This is what helps build the community.

Since everyone is getting their packages at different times, the link up will be open until August 29th.

Please contact me if you have participated in a previous exchange, and you’d like to co-host a Lovely Letters link up. For more detailed info READ THIS. If you want to tweet about it, you can use the hashtag #lovelyletters or tag @estherjulee to be retweeted.

Have you been part of a pen pal program before? What’s the last thing you’ve sent out snail mail?

xoxo esther

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  1. Kristine Foley

    SO fun! Love swaps! Hopefully I can get in on the next one!

  2. Paige Williams

    Esther, your package for your partner is beautiful! Thanks for hosting the best snail mail exchange. :)

  3. Judy Park

    2 months in and I’m hooked! Thank you Esther!

  4. Carly Anderson

    Oh my gosh, I love this idea!

  5. Betsy Gettis

    love this, and definitely signed up! i host a snail mail swap on my blog a few times a year, and it’s always so much fun. i’m always surprised by how many people sign up!

  6. Laura

    oooh, that color! and this is a great idea!

  7. Sarah

    Love the colour choice, the journal looks really great :-)

  8. Jessica

    I love seeing bloggers develop a sense of community and I love getting mail. Awesome idea!

    1. I love that there is a good blog community. I think moving cross country would have been much harder without it. :)

  9. Cailin

    Oh my gosh this sounds so awesome! Did I mention that that is my all time FAVORITE COLOR??

  10. Jenn

    This sounds so fun! I’m signing up now :)

  11. Karissa Ancell

    How fun, I think I will sign up for August.

  12. Shipra Taneja

    So fun! I can’t wait to hear of the experiences of those participating! <3

  13. Anosa

    I am glad I signed up cant wait to get mine, already sent mine to my partner

  14. I don’t know where I’ve been but I seem to have missed out on the fact that you were even doing this! It’s awesome. I’m in …signing up right now!

  15. Michelle Chouinard

    This seems really fun. And you have great taste–who couldn’t use a journal of awesome??!!!

  16. songbirdsandbuttons

    Cute! This sounds like a great program!

  17. Karly Gomez

    This is so cool! I am totally signing up to join in on next month’s theme!

  18. OMG I want that journal. Soooooo freaking cute!! And the theme is awesome. Beautiful blue!!

    1. You should get it! I love that it helps you practice dwelling on positive things in life. It’s my fave colour :D

  19. Breenah

    We’re moving soon, but as soon as we’re finally settled I’m so going to sign up. Love the Journal of Awesome :)

      1. Breenah

        Unfortunately it’s pretty much the same city, less than 10 miles north. But it’s a house instead of an apartment, so that’ll be nice. But (again) we’ll be moving again in less than two years, hopefully to a semi-permanent place, finally!

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