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Gleeful Peacock Wanderlust Jewelry + Giveaway

Ever since doing the 333 project, I’ve been trying to be more intentional with my wardrobe. Not only do I want comfortable, versatile pieces, but I also want them to represent my lifestyle and spirit.

I found these pieces from Gleeful Peacock that I absolutely adore. I think being away from our friends and family in Atlanta makes me long to keep a piece of home with me. Aren’t they cute?

Gleeful Peacock State Necklace + Other Etsy Jewelry.Pin

They also have some great travel inspired pieces as well. All of the vintage-inspired pieces are hand painted, so no two pieces are exactly the same!

Gleeful Peacock Handmade Airplane Necklace and Wanderlust Jewelry.Pin
Gleeful Peacock Handmade Etsy Jewelry.Pin

Nikki, the founder, has a great story. When she hit her 30th birthday, she felt uninspired and lost. This wake up call pushed her to start Gleeful Peacock and she now spends her days designing and making jewelry. Don’t you just love hearing stories of those who chase after their dreams?

We’ve partnered with them to do a $40 gift card giveaway so that you can get a little somethin somethin for yourself or a friend. :)

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What’s your favorite piece from Gleeful Peacock?
What is your favorite jewelry piece that you wear?
What style represents you?

xoxo estherJacob

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