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The Hake La Jolla Restaurant

While in La Jolla, we got the chance to stop by The Hake Kitchen & Bar for some drinks and small bites. When it first opened, it started with a menu from its sister restaurants in Mexico City, which by the way is some of the best there! But over time, Hake has developed it’s own flavors and dishes that have since been sent back down to the sister restaurants to serve.

The Hake La Jolla Restaurant.Pin

As you descend the stairs, you get a first glimpse of their big dining room. Since San Diego has great weather, we opted to sit in the patio area.

Best Restaurants in La Jolla Ca.The Hake La Jolla Restaurant.
The Hake La Jolla Restaurant and Bar.
The Hake Restaurant La Jolla.Tea with Mr Tumnus (Bars in La Jolla San Diego).
The Hake La Jolla Restaurant.
Bars and Restaurants La Jolla.
Best Restaurants La Jolla.Hake Restaurant La Jolla.
Restaurants in La Jolla CA.

We started off with two of their signature cocktails, the Grand 5 Masts, one of their most popular, and a new drink called Tea with Mr. Tumnus. Jacob liked the Grand 5 Masts. It had a slight hazelnut flavor and used a rum from a local distillery. I preferred the Tea with Mr. Tumnus. There was a smokiness and a good balance between the bitter and sweet flavors, and a little kick at the end.

Best Restaurants La Jolla.Bars La Jolla.

The Salmon Belly Tiradito had lightly smoked salmon (I don’t like overly smoked salmon), the dill brightened the flavor, and the mustard seeds added the right amount of texture.

Salmon Belly Tiradito at The Hake La Jolla Restaurant.

The next dish was the Ahi “Tacos”. This was the most inventive dish we tried here. The “tortilla” was made from jicama, also known as Mexican yam or turnip. It made the dish refreshing.

Ahi Tacos at The Hake La Jolla Restaurant.Ahi Tacos - The Hake La Jolla Dining.

The Rib-Eye Lettuce Wraps followed up the tacos. Based on the sous-chef’s family recipe, the meat was tender and juicy but well balanced with the lettuce to create a savory but light bite. To me, the marinade tasted similar to a Korean salt beef said dish called jangjorim.

Rib-Eye Lettuce Wraps at the Hake La Jolla (Best Restaurants in La Jolla).

The last dish we had was the Roasted Octopus. We loved how this one was presented with the smoked paprika along the sides of the bowl. The octopus was cooked crispy on the outside but still tender inside. The roasted flavor was beautifully complimented with the spicy aioli and potatoes.

Roasted Octopus - The Hake La Jolla Restaurant.

We really enjoyed the food! Although you don’t get the oceanside view like its neighboring restaurants, the food and ambience are what make it worth checking out.

Food La Jolla.

The Hake La Jolla Kitchen & Bar
1250 Prospect St, Ste B10
La Jolla CA 92037

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What We Recommend:
Salmon Belly Tiradito
Roasted Octopus
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Do you have a go-to drink that you order at every bar?
What about your go-to dish that you order at a seafood restaurant?

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