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Printic Photo Box + 50 Prints | July Giveaway

Came home from a long week in LA to a lovely photo box from Printic and a few other lovely packages. I always love having fun surprises waiting for me at home (even though I kinda know what they are). :)
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I feel like these days it’s pretty rare for me to print out my own photos. I either have them digitally on my phone or stored away on one of my many 2 TB hard drives. It’s not rare that they are long forgotten. And if you don’t know me well, I take tons of photos… at the rate that I will never be able to edit and archive them properly. What can I say? Even though I love having something to feel in my hands and hang on my walls, I’m a bit lazy about the whole photo ordering process.

Printic is a phone app that makes it super easy for you to order prints from your camera roll, facebook, instagram, or dropbox. They come printed in a glossy polaroid style that everyone likes these days. The box I ordered was mostly of my instagram photos and a handful of photos I took with my DSLR on dropbox. It’s a brand new app, so they are continuing to improve the interface. As of now, you can also order single prints, photobooks, posters, and calendars.


  • Use our code: A9D50F to receive $7 off your order.
  • If it’s through instagram or facebook, keep in mind the quality of your photos.

In partnership with Printic, we’re also giving away a photo box with 50 prints (like the one you see above). a Rafflecopter giveaway

When’s the last time you’ve printed out photos? Are you better about it than I am? :)

xoxo estherJacob

*Not a sponsored post, so I am not getting paid to review Printic. We just thought it would be a nice giveaway.