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Custom Camera Straps + Fotostrap Giveaway

I noticed that recently a lot of my wedding photographer friends were starting to get these custom camera straps with their company logos on them (if you’re new to my blog, you probably don’t know that I used to be a wedding photographer). I was curious and wanted to check out what this Fotostrap was all about!

We loved the clean, classic look and that you can add your own custom monogram or logo. We also loved the fact that they are all about giving back. They donates 10 percent to every sale to Fotolanthropy.

This is my best blue steel. I’m way more comfortable on the other side of camera, but I’m learning!
Best Camera Accessories: Custom Camera Straps by Fotostrap.Pin
Blog Giveaway: Custom Camera Straps by Fotostrap.Pin
Best Camera Accessories: Custom Camera Straps by Fotostrap.Pin
How do you like our logo? We haven’t incorporated it much into our blog yet, but it’s on our poor, neglected youtube channel. Have you seen any of our videos? Should we post more? If we do, what would you like to see?

In partnership with Fotostrap, we are giving away one Classic Fotostrap.
(US only)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Do you have a camera strap you already love? Which is your favorite FOTOstrap?

Please let us know your thoughts about this strap in the comments below! And good luck! :)

xoxo estherJacob

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  1. Beverly H.

    I discovered fotostrap over a year ago and they just keep coming out with such pretty colored straps! Wish I could have them all!

  2. Haley Nelson

    Im a 14 year old photographer, I love the style and simplicity of the fotostrap. A very homie, modern feel. It would great to win this great prize. Thank you Esther & Jacob for this amazing giveaway

  3. Laura

    That strap is gorgeous! And it looks super sturdy!

  4. kara kieran

    I love stone and sky!

    1. Love those too! :) I feel like I actually overlooked the stone the first time around, but I’m happy with our navy.

  5. Hsiao-Ting

    Love the logo! I didn’t know you could customize. I was thinking of getting this as a present for you but guess you don’t need it anymore :p

    1. haha Thanks for thinking of me. You’re always trying to think of the most thoughtful gifts. Can you help me out now and make yourself a pinterest board?

  6. Meg McIlvaine

    I just found out about Fotostrap a couple of weeks ago and am dying to get one of their straps! I am loving the Cobalt and the Graphite! :)

  7. Susan B

    Graphite, Navy, or Sky…..or all of them!!

  8. Karly Gomez

    Oh! I would either get the Seaside or Avocado strap!

  9. Karly Gomez

    OK totally obsessed right here. I’ve been toting my stock strap since I bought my camera almost 4 years ago, how lame am I? Totally entering the giveaway now!

    1. I was the same way. In fact another photographer pointed it out to me how lame it was. :P But it still took me a couple years after that to finally upgrade!

  10. Camesha

    Very cool! I could use a new one for my camera. It’s gorgeous!

  11. Alicia Snow

    I’ve been thinking about getting a custom camera strap, I’ll have to check them out (and cross my fingers that I win).

  12. Kristine Foley

    GORGEOUS strap! Love that it’s totally custom and your logo rocks!

  13. Ashley

    How cute!! I love how unique and beautiful the design is. Thanks for the giveaway.

  14. stephanievmw

    i JUST got a DSLR for my birthday (it’s tomorrow but hubby bought it 2 days early for me) and I’d kill for this strap. love it!

  15. Carly Anderson

    These custom straps are so cute! I definitely would like these for my DSLR!

  16. Ohhh, I love this ! Especially since my camera is pretty much attached at my hip. Totally going to enter. My favorite strap is the bear, of course, because it’s all black !

  17. Hima

    I definitely want to get a camera strap! Also, I love your shirt!

    xo, Hima

    Hima Hearts

    1. Yeah.. that’s the problem. It’s either form or function… so hard to find one that does both really well.

  18. Change With Us

    OMG I have been looking for one, so I am so entering this! YAY!

  19. Karissa Ancell

    I need a camera strap, great giveaway.

  20. Kristen Forgione

    EEEK! I want that strap! Thanks for posting and hosting!

  21. Codi Ponte

    the cobalt strap is so dang cute!

  22. Jeanna johnson

    I like the Orchid strap!

  23. Jordan

    I definitely entered this giveaway. I took off the strap because it was a GUITAR STRAP from my mom’s old guitar that I had been using!!! WEEEEEeeee.

  24. Anosa

    love the logo, great giveaway

  25. Lisa Marie Heath

    Really like the Orchid Strap!

  26. Lacey Burd

    I love the Seaside strap!

  27. Chelsea

    Such a cute strap! I have a gorgeous sequinned one but I never actually put it on my camera because my boyfriend does all the photo taking of me for my blog, so I think he’d refuse if I put it on haha!

    1. haha that’s too funny! I picked a pretty neutral one bc Jacob will have to be carrying it most of the time too. Even though I do take most of the photos.. he does most of the carrying in between. :P

  28. Deidre Emme

    YES! So many cute straps. I need a fun strap. Mine is so boring.

    1. Maybe it’s time for an upgrade! :) It seriously took me forever to upgrade mine.. I kept shopping around and trying to keep my options open.

  29. Ellie

    The Blush Strap is a must!! Love love love it! Can’t leave out the Hibiscus either.. I like pink..just a tad ;)

  30. I love it!! I did not realize they would do a logo when I ordered my camera strap…I ended up ordering one from Etsy. I love the symbols you picked!

    1. Aww! I hate when that happens. I buy something and then immediately I find something I like better. I guess that’s just buyer’s remorse.. haha I get that all the time.

  31. Lauren

    What a flipping cool strap!! I would definitely get a monogram one in hibiscus, hint hint :)

  32. Sierra

    Seaside one!!!

  33. Soapie

    even though you claim to be more comfortable on the other side of the camera, you always look good in your photos!

  34. Jessica Angeles

    The picture of you laughing is too cute!! Also this strap is SO you and I love it!!!!

    1. Thanks girl! :) Haha I think so too. I knew it would be a good fit for me, so I had to get it! Do you think it isn’t as fitting for you too?

  35. Rebekah

    Love the strap! Very cute logo and yes, you should post more videos!

  36. Laura

    I love the strap (and the logo, very cute!) and your shirt! =)

    1. Thank you Crystal! I’m so glad I found a strap so I could finally switch out of the standard ones that my camera came with. :)

    1. That is a pretty color. It actually used to be my fave color a couple years ago that I even had my hair highlighted that color. I’m so fickle, so it’s always changing. :)

  37. Ellie

    I agree with Yvonne – the Seaside one is so cute! x

  38. Yvonne Marcus

    That is absolutely gorgeous!! The Seaside one is my absolute fave

  39. Misun Chun

    Oh my, I WANT IT!! Haha. Merlot is my fav! I really wish they had darker purple than Orchid :( Love the Artist but I’m sure I’ll get that pretty white dirty real soon! I don’t usually love bright colors, but Hibiscus is really pretty too!! Actually, they’re all lovely.
    You should also be in front of the camera more often :) And love the logo! I don’t remember ever seeing it.. must have missed it :)

    1. They are always coming up with new colors. You should keep checking to see if they finally come out with your color. :) We ended up going with navy bc I felt like it matched more outfits easier. Of course.. I’d love one in every color.. right? haha

      Thank you! I’m trying to get used to being in front more often. :) The logo is just on the youtube channel at the beginning. It’s a really quick part of the intro

  40. Katreena Short

    Too cute. If only I had a great camera to put that bad boy on!


  41. Erika

    You look so cute! And I really love the logo on your strap! :)

  42. Betsy Gettis

    i love these straps! i specifically love the seaside, blush, and sky straps….i always use my rapid strap when i do shoots, but i’d love to add one of these to my collection for travel and around-town kind of days!

  43. Nora Spaulding

    Great giveaway! I need a camera strap!~ not many places do them custom…

  44. Neely

    Love this giveaway!

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