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Your Ultimate Road Trip Playlist – Tunes for the Road

[Update 02.26.13: After the roadtrip and in hindsight, some of the songs weren’t as fitting, so I’m in the process of switching some songs around.  The starred songs are in the process of being replaced!]

Today is the day we head out west to Los Angeles! I spent the past month scouring spotify to find music for our road trip. Thanks Josh for getting me premium for Christmas. It’s going to be put to good use because I foresee a lot of roadtrips happening out west! :)

I like having song associations to my memories

driving through arizona cross country road trip from atlanta to los angelesPin

These were were some of the criteria I followed when looking for my road trip music:

  • upbeat songs that makes the time pass faster
  • has a driving beat, a beat that drives the song (learned this from the Fu)
  • a handful of sing-a-long nostalgic songs
  • some relaxing songs mixed in for the sake of variety if the upbeat music starts getting mundane
  • some songs with cheesy lyrics that have to do with roadtripping, different cities, states, etc.

Have I covered all my bases?  We will be driving 2,175 mi from Atlanta to Los Angeles.  That’s 32 hours. Ideally, I wanted to get 32 hours of music so I could potentially listen to every song just once, but it didn’t happen in one month.  Also, I’m sure we’ll listen to some audiobooks in between.  Here’s a list I compiled with 350 tracks and 22 hours of music.  It’s a work in progress, as with all things, but hopefully it will make our roadtrip more memorable… and perhaps some of yours!  Open in spotify to see the full list.

Also, if you have a song you think should belong on this list, I’m always open for suggestions!

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