Hiking in LA | Cave of Munits and Castle Peak

We bought a book to do more hiking in la, but with the summer heat, we’ve taken a bit of a hiatus. We figured it was about time for an adventure, so Jacob and I started looking for trails with Jess and Joe who also love exploring. Unfortunately because of the government shutdown, some of the trails we wanted to explore were closed. Really? Nature is closed? Well, if there was one good thing about the government shutdown… it’s that it forced us to dig around on yelp and the blogosphere to find an even better hike!

We found a hike through the Cave of Munits to Castle Peak in El Escorpion Park! It’s one of my fave hikes in the LA area now. Fortunately you shouldn’t have any more issues with getting into parks since the government is up and running, but this one is still worth checking out!

We’ve only been on a handful of hikes in the LA area, but this was by far the most unique. The cave that you hike through is surprisingly large with lots of fun photo ops inside. It required a lot of scrambling, and we were on our hands and knees for a good portion of the hike. Jacob and I are both afraid of heights, so we focused on our goal ahead and never looked down. Once we climbed up the cave to the peak, we decided to take a rest. We were sunburnt and exhausted. We devoured our lunches in the heat of the sun and took in the beautiful views of the city and Castle Peak.

Yeah…. we didn’t quite make it all the way to Castle Peak. When we saw how much farther we needed to go, we decided to head back the long and safe way. Expectation is key! Next time, we need to pack a lot more water and energy. And maybe grow some balls, because there’s a chance you have to slide down on your butts the entire way down from Castle Peak. Hopefully, we’ll do this hike again soon and make it all the way! Anyone up for an adventure?

What’s the latest hike that you’ve been on? What are some of your favorite hikes of all time?

Cave of Munits and Castle Peak | Hiking in LA Photos:

Don’t we look so badass?! :P

It was really hard narrowing down my favorite five photos, but I did it! I’ve included 14 more photos below:

Cave of Munits in El Escorpion Park Address:
24477 Vanowen Street
West Hills, CA 91307

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  1. This looks AWESOME. Definitely want to check this one out, so thanks for introducing me to it! :) I wouldn’t be able to look down either, haha.

    1. You’re so welcome!! If you want to go all the way to Castle Peak, we’d be down to go with you! :)

  2. Esther, this hike looks INSANE! It makes me realize how much I missed (exploring-wise) growing up in the LA area. We went on the same two hikes over and over again. You are making me miss California :)

    1. It’s not as bad as it looks…. if i remember correctly. Which hikes did you used to go on? :) We pretty much did the same thing and picked one or two hikes close by for the first 6 months we lived here.. but now that we think we’re leaving.. it’s kinda pushed us to explore more. When did you move?

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