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The Perfect Travel Camping Flask + Giveaway

One of our favorite things about whiskey as opposed to beer is that we can easily take it with us camping. But with so many different flasks out there, we wanted to find the ones that make most sense for our needs. We recently reviewed the SWIG Flask, which is super classy and something we can definitely bring along, but if we’re backpacking, we do need a few other features.

We initially bought the Stanley Classic flask from REI since it was made for the trail. It was nice because the top was attached so you would never lose it and it had a wide mouth that was easy to fill and drink from. But the flask was a bit bulky and was still heavier than we liked.

That led us to look for other options for camping flasks and this is what we found:


The Shot Flask is a nice two-in-one design. Not only do you have your flask, but you also have a collapsible shot glass built right into the center without losing much space for your beverage. The size of the flask is comparable to other 8 oz flasks. This is great for sharing in a bigger groups (and great especially if you’re a germaphobe). On the downside, it does still weigh as much as other flasks, so this would be perfect for car camping trips with a group of friends.

The Original Shot Flask - The perfect camping flask.Pin


This is similar to our collapsible Platypus bottles (see our favorite travel water bottles here) that we use and love to carry our water during hikes or trips. These flasks come in different designs and weigh next to nothing when empty. You can roll it up and pack it away when you’re done, and when it’s filled, the flask itself doesn’t add much weight. On the downside, it can be tricky to drink out of since the flask doesn’t hold any form. Because it’s lightweight and takes up very little space, this would be the ideal choice for a backpacking trip.

The Original Disposable Flask - The Perfect Camping Flask.Pin

Of course, both of these can be used for other occasions, but we can’t wait to take this on our next trip! If you’re interested in check them out, we’re going to do a giveaway too!

Giveaway (one winner for the Shot Flask, one winner for 2 Disposable Flasks)

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Are there any other flasks that we should check out?
What’s your beverage of choice when camping?

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