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Aeropress Review – Your Best Travel Coffee Maker

We love grabbing a cup of coffee while out and about, but we rarely make coffee at home. Mostly we don’t want to get a new appliance that will take up our precious counter space. Now that we keep downsizing, we don’t have much at all!

Aerobie Aeropress Review.


We were first introduced to the AeroPress from our avid coffee drinking friend in Atlanta. Each brew makes 1-3 cups (enough for 1 or 2 mugs) of smooth, rich, and bold coffee.

One of our favorite things about the Aeropress is that it packs up into a nice nylon bag and is easy to take anywhere. On top of being easy to clean up and store, it only takes about 20 seconds to press. We eventually want to live in an RV for 6 months to a year so we’re always looking for ways to live on the go.

Aerobie Aeropress Review.

As for camping, this pairs perfectly with our JetBoil! We can boil water in a minute, then send it through our AeroPress for a hot cup of coffee in under 2 minutes. We probably wouldn’t take it with us backpacking, since we try to pack minimally and save as much weight as possible. However, it easily makes it on all our car camping trips or any travel.

The only con is that this is not the easiest way to make coffee for multiple people or if you drink one cup after another. It’s ideal for you to enjoy one to two cups a day.

If you’re curious about how the AeroPress works, check out the tutorial by Blue Bottle (one of our favorites in SF). We’ve also partnered with AeroPress to do a sweet giveaway to one of our readers, so you can test it out for yourself! I’m excited for you to try it! :) If you can’t wait, you can pick one up right here.

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What do you take with your coffee? We like ours black!
What’s your favorite coffee?
How do you currently brew coffee at home?

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