Party Like an Animal Roos n More BirthdayPin

Party Like an Animal Roos n More Birthday

Every year, we try to throw themed birthdays, and this year we dressed up as animals to party with animals at Roos n More Zoo! We had visited before and learned that you could host private parties there, which sounded like the perfect birthday party to me! There really isn’t any other zoo experience quite like it.

I’m so thankful for the friends who came out, those who drove in from Cali and flew in from SF, Boston, and Atlanta. Do you believe that we accept the love we think we deserve? I realized that I often don’t feel like I deserve that love or to have such great friends. I’m ever so slowly learning to let love in. And whether I deserve it or not, I feel fortunate to have such great people in my life. Thanks for having so much patience with me and being there to celebrate another year.

I kept going back and forth this year thinking how silly it is to celebrate birthdays after so many years (there are so many birthdays.. and unbirthdays!), but I really love having just about any excuse to celebrate and seeing everyone come together to have a good time. I especially love making people do things that might weird them out.. like dressing up as animals. :P

Animal Themed Birthday Party.Pin
Party Like an Animal Roos n More Birthday.Pin
Bactrian Camel at Roos n More Zoo.PinBactrian Camels at Roos n More Las Vegas.Pin

I was too scared to get my camel kiss.

Camel Kiss.Pin

Couldn’t commit like Arthur who definitely got some tongue action.

Camel Kisses.Pin
Camel Kiss.Pin
Red Necked Wallaby at Roos n More Zoo near Las Vegas.PinRed Necked Wallaby Exotic Petting Zoo.Pin
Bactrian Camels.Pin
Coati at Roos n More Zoo Moapa NV.PinAlbino Kangaroo at Roos and More Zoo Las Vegas.Pin
Six Banded Armadillo at a Roos n More Birthday.Pin
Six Banded Armadillo at Roos n More Zoo in Las Vegas.PinPrehensile-Tailed Porcupine at a Zoo near Las Vegas.Pin
North American Porcupine.PinNorth American Porcupine at an Exotic Petting Zoo in Las Vegas.Pin
Animal Themed Birthday Party.Pin
African Serval Cat Pictures.Pin
African Brush Tailed Porcupine.PinBaby Porcupine Pictures.Pin
Asian Sea Otter Images.Pin
Baby Duck.PinBaby Duck Pictures.Pin
Ring Tailed Lemur.Pin
Ring Tailed Lemurs.Pin
Baby Kangaroo Pictures from Roos n More Zoo.PinBaby Kangaroos.Pin
Zoo Themed Birthday Party.Pin
Ring Tail Lemur.Pin
Baby Spider Monkeys.Pin
Baby Spider Monkey Pictures.PinBlack Spider Monkey Pictures.Pin

Thanks Fern for the group photos and for being my unofficial photographer for the day! :) Thanks Jacob for being an amazing husband and dealing with the logistics of it all. That being said, if you didn’t get invited, you can blame him! :P

Roos n More Zoo is probably my favorite place to visit near Vegas where you can learn about exotic animals and even play with them. Check out our previous two posts from Roos n More zoo to see more photos of these cute animals here and here.

Do you like to go big for birthdays?
How do you like to celebrate?

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