5 Quick Underwater Photography Tips For Better Travel Photos

Last week we shared the gear you need to take underwater photos. This week we wanted to share a few quick tips that you can apply to take better underwater photos.

5 Quick Underwater Photography Tips to Get Better Travel Photos:

1. Get Up Close

Get as close to your subjects as you can. Water absorbs light so the farther away you are, the duller the photo will be. The closer you are, the sharper and clearer it will be. There are also a lot of tiny particles in the water that you might not be able to see but will appear in your photos.

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2. Be Alert and Be Patient

Nature photography already requires a lot of patience, because you have no control over your subjects. Whether you’re snorkeling or diving, you want to be at the ready and alert. Once you find your subject, take some shots, but don’t move on right away. Patiently wait to see if they move to a different spot that might make an even better photo.

This guy camouflaged himself so well that I was the only one who noticed him as he slowly crawled on the ocean floor. We waited for him to get to a good spot before taking this photo.

3. Be Familiar with All Your Gear

You are visiting their world. Before you start shooting, be sure you’re comfortable with all your gear. When you’re in the water, you should be less focused on how to use your gear and more focused on respecting the environment you’re in, making sure you stay safe, and taking epic photos. ;)

 4. Shoot at an Upwards Angle

Shooting at a slightly upward angle makes the photo much more interesting and adds depth. We’ve noticed that shooting down at the fish don’t make the most interesting photos. We really love the half in and half out of the water shots too!

5. Use a Filter

Water naturally absorbs red, so photos end up to looking more blue or green. Use red or magenta filter (see which one you should use here) to make editing easier later! We didn’t do this on our recent trip to Turks and Caicos, and I am kicking myself! The editing is taking me forever!

BONUS: Clean Your Gear

Don’t invest in a bunch of gear to just let it go to waste. It’s important to clean and maintain all the gear the way you are instructed to. You should also double check everything before you take it underwater again. Even the smallest debris can let water leak in.

What are some photography lessons you’ve learned lately?
Is there a type of photography you’re wanting to learn more of?

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