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Lovely Letters – Sign Up for Your Blogger Pen Pals Now!

Welcome to Lovely Letters, a monthly snail mail exchange! You can sign up for your blogger pen pals now until February 6th. This month I’m co-hosting with Myrabev, so go show her some love! We try our best to pair you up with a blogger in a different country or at least a different part of the country, so that you can make friends from all over! See all the previous exchanges here.

Last month, I was paired with Jordan who’s an American expat living in Germany! I felt like we were instant friends because of our mutual love for beer and travel, and I’m currently living vicariously through all her European adventures. :) Since she’s in Germany, I’m guessing it will take some time for our mail to reach each other. The theme of January was goals, but since I don’t want to give anything away, I blurred out the items I sent her. Can you still make them out by their colors?

Lovely Letters Snail Mail Exchange - Sign Up for Your Blogger Pen Pals Now Until Feb 6!Pin


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Since everyone is getting their packages at different times, the link up will be open until Feb 27th.

Dates to remember for FEBRUARY’s Snail Mail Swap:

  • Sign ups are open until Feb 6th midnight EST. You can sign up HERE (FOR BLOGGERS ONLY. If you don’t have a blog, you can always start one!)
  • You will get your snail mail pen pal by the 9th and begin getting to know your partner.
  • Send out your packages by February 20th. Stay under $7 Limit. {Theme: Valentines}
  • Write about your experience and link up on Feb 27th (the last Friday of the month).

After seeing so many kids crafts for Valentines on pinterest, it made me miss the days where we used to decorate shoe boxes and swap V-day cards with everyone in class. I don’t know if I’m the only one, but I remember the days I would get so giddy about receiving impersonal cards from my grade school crush. I was such a shy kid it never occurred to me to actually talk to him. I thought it would be fun for February to go down memory lane and prepare a fun Valentines package for a new blogger pal. :)

Did you used to swap cards in grade school?
What’s your earliest V-day memory?

xoxo esther

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