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How to Pack Toiletries List – Your Minimal Makeup Guide

Have you ever lost anything while traveling overseas? I lost my toiletry bag while we were in Turkey. I got overwhelmed by the security lines, and in the moment of chaos, I forgot to stuff all my personal items back in my backpack (Seriously, hope they come up with a global TSA pre-check one day).

I was, however, relieved that I always keep my travel toiletry or makeup bag minimal, so I don’t have to replace as much. Everyone I know is always asking me how I pack everything into a small 17″ carry-on and backpack, and I’ve been meaning to do a series of packing tips and guides. Since I’m shopping for replacements now, I thought it was the perfect time to put this makeup list together.

People are always asking how I'm able to travel so light. Yes, pack minimal, but here's a few tricks I use, and the answer on how to pack toiletries! // localadventurer.comPin



Do you love having lots of eyeshadow options? Lipsticks? I can go lighter on the makeup, but I don’t want to compromise skincare. I know we Koreans love our 10-step skincare routine, but when traveling, there’s still no way I’m bringing that many products. I try to find a good compromise between bringing less makeup to make more room for my skincare and cutting out a few steps (bye for now: oil cleanser, exfoliator, essence, and serums).


  • TSA 3-1-1 Clear Quart Size Bag – I’ve tried a dozen different toiletry bags, some prettier than others, but I always come back to using this inexpensive one from Lewis N Clark. It’s simple, isn’t bulky, and fits into my Tumi Hanging Travel Bag.
  • Hanging Toiletry Organizer – My Tumi Voyageur Travel Kit was a splurge for me, but our million-miler friend always travels with it, and I’ve been eyeing it for a while. I love how much I can stuff all my non-liquids, bras and underwear, jewelry, and clear quart-size bag in there.


How to Pack Toiletries: A Minimal Makeup Guide // localadventurer.comPin
How to Pack Toiletries: A Minimal Makeup Guide // localadventurer.comPin

Then all of this goes into my carry-on personal item, whether it’s a purse or backpack. Lately, I’ve been traveling with this:

Cotopaxi Travel Pack (How to Pack Light) // localadventurer.comPin

What do you have in your travel makeup or toiletry bag? Do you have any favorite makeup products you like to use?



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