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Your Very Own Local Adventure in a Box – Hole in Wall Box

As a small business ourselves, we love discovering and supporting other small businesses, and if it happens to be local, that’s even better! When we found out there was subscription box that started here in San Diego, we knew we had to check it out.

A Local Adventure in a box - Hole in Wall Box Subscription - Travel Subscription Box.Pin

Hole in Wall is a subscription box created by world travelers obsessed with uncovering what makes each city truly special. It gives you the chance to experience a city through unique goods from local shops. It is a small business supporting other small, local businesses. So by reading this, you’re supporting a small business that is talking about a small business that supports other local, small businesses. Whoa. Smallbusinessception!

If you’ve been following along our journey, we’re all about discovering the undiscovered. When we left Atlanta, we realized that there was so much we didn’t see, because we got into a day-to-day routine and got too comfortable. With the blog, we’ve been fortunate enough to move to a new city every year and explore it as thoroughly as possible, but even though we do this as our job, there is still a lifetime worth of treasures each city has to offer. We were especially excited that our first Hole in Wall box was San Diego.

A Local Adventure in a box - Hole in Wall Box Subscription - Travel Subscription Box.Pin

Our box had a really great variety of goodies. We got soap, chocolate, beef jerky, hot sauce, a protein bar, almonds, a candle, and kettle corn. Microbreweries are a huge part of the San Diego culture, but since shipping beer is not allowed, they included a hot sauce made by Stone Brewery. Our favorites were definitely the hot sauce, beef jerky, and chocolate, although we’ve eaten almost everything from the box already!

The only thing we weren’t the biggest fans of was the protein bar, but we haven’t found any protein bars we’ve loved. Though San Diego is one of the most active and healthy cities in the US, I guess you can take us out of the South, but you can’t take the South out of us! :P

Depending on which plan you join, the boxes are $30 to $35.



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We can’t wait for the next box from Seattle, WA! Join us and start exploring a new city here. You can get 10% off right now using the coupon code: HOLEINWALLBOXLA

What city would you suggest they visit next? What is a local, small business that you’ve discovered in your hometown that is really awesome?

xoxo estherJacob

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