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Finding Healthy Road Trip Snacks with Fit Snack

We hit the road fairly often. We really enjoy being on the open road whether it’s on our monthly trip to LA, exploring a new national park, or on a cross-country road trip. Unfortunately when we’re on the road, we have horrible eating habits. We know we need to find healthy road trip snacks instead of stopping at the nearest fast food joint to satisfy our mid-meal cravings.

For the next few Fridays we’ll be taking a look at different Subscription Boxes perfect for the traveler. And while Fit Snack isn’t a travel themed box, it’s a box full of delicious, healthy goodies that we can easily take with us on the road or even camping.

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Each month, Fit Snack sends you a box of 7-10 full-size and sample items that support active lifestyles. It also comes with a work out routine that you can also add into your mix. This month we got some chips, energy boost, protein bars, gluten-free pancake mix, and more. Our favorites were easily the Fit Snack Veggies Chips and Raw Nut Mix!

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Check out our unboxing video! You get to see us try a lot of the items that we got! Excuse my weirdness. I still feel incredibly uncomfortable in front of the camera. haha! Does it ever get easier?! :P


What it is: A monthly box with delicious and healthy snacks.
Cost: $20-24/month
Plans: 1 Month, 3 Month, 6 Months, 1 Year

SIGN UP using THIS LINK and get a free gym bag with any purchase.

Oh yea! And as an added bonus, for every box they ship, they donate one meal through Feeding America! Also, be sure to check out our list of Best Subscription Boxes for Travelers.

Do you have any suggestions for healthy road trip snacks?
What food subscription boxes have you tried?

xoxo estherJacob

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