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First Month, First Impressions | Living in Los Angeles

Today marks exactly one month since we moved to Los Angeles.  These are my thoughts so far.


  1. Weather. It’s amazing. I can wear flip flops everyday.
  2. Food. There are so many good food options.  The list of new places to try is endless. & good food makes me happy.
  3. People. We’ve met a lot of nice people… (for the most part).  Everyone in our building has been nice & our friends have made us feel very welcome.


  1. People. Occasionally you run into those self-important hollywood douchebags that think they’re too good for everyone. I can avoid them most of the time, but every once in a while, I need to tag along to some networking event with the hubby and all of a sudden they are everywhere.
  2. Prices. Everything costs more here. Everything.
  3. Traffic & Drivers. This is old news. But I’ve never felt so obsessed with avoiding traffic. And drivers, seriously stop breaking for no reason! The cars are a mile ahead of you!

I guess, bottom line, there are pros and cons with anywhere you choose to live.  To quote the wise words of Justin Bieber, “the grass ain’t always greener on the other side, It’s green where you water it”

We created a new instax wall for our new home.  Here are some of our new friends on our growing instax wall:

new friends in LA instax wallPin

Also, it’s hard to beat this everyday view outside my window.

The sunset view outside our new bedroom window :)Pin

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